10 Great Halloween Decoration Websites

Yeah We Sifted Through Them for You

So here we are again, Halloween is descending upon us frightfully quick and you’re in the mood for a few decorations. Where do you go? Who’s got the skinny? You googled “Halloween decorations”, but you’re too lazy to sift through the results, right? So we did it for you. Here’s a list of ten great sites for Halloween decorations with a brief bio on each.

  1. Familyfun.com

Familyfun.com has dedicated a space to many great little Halloween crafts you can do with your child such as baby ghosts, a giant hairy spider, and a flapping bat. With step by step instructions this website is sure to make your craft making experience a breeze.

  1. Martha Stewart

Good old Martha Stewart is still at it. If you can forgive her for her past sins, check this site out for homey (imagine that) Halloween decor ideas. This is more for adults than for kids. Among other things this site contains ideas for flower arrangements, hang-ups, and curtains. You get the idea.

  1. Windcitynovelties.com

Have a Halloween party planned but no favors? This site is one stop shopping for all your party favor and decoration needs. From motif candles to spider webs to an inflatable skeleton cooler, you will definitely Replace Withever you’re looking for to get your party going.

  1. Ivillage.com

Need some ideas for your Halloween party? Check this site out for ideas on party themes, foods, drinks, disguises, and games. If you’re stumped on what to do with the party, steal some ideas from here or just use it to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. HGTV.com

Of course we couldn’t leave out HGTV. They always have good tips for every occasion! Go here for videos on costume ideas, party ideas, pumpkin carving tips and general decoration tips.

  1. DIYNetwork.com

DIYNetwork gives you seven good tips on decorating for a party. It may not be the most in-depth site, but the uniqueness of the ideas makes up for it.

  1. Halloweencreations.com

If you’re looking for yard or house decoration ideas that are as elaborate as a small home improvement project, Halloween creations is your ticket. But be prepared to get the buzz saw, hammer, and nails out for these. This site has more ideas for outside stuff like set designs and graveyards than inside, although there are some ideas for both.

  1. Maddylane-decor.com

Are you looking for a green Halloween decoration project? How about recycling used wine bottles into mummy vases? Check this site out for a great flower decor idea for the fall.

  1. Helium.com

On a budget but still want a Halloween yard theme? Peruse this site for budget, and by budget I mean CHEAP, ideas for Halloween yard decorations.

  1. 365Hhalloween.com

Finally, look at this site for information on how to make Halloween slip covers, picture holders, banners, and pumpkins. It’s an all around good site for Halloween decorating tips.

I hope you enjoy these sites and get lots of useful ideas out of them. Just don’t scare anyone too bad!



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