10 Tips for Halloween Office Decorations

Happy Halloween

With the month of October rolling around, everyone is getting ready for the scariest day of the year, Halloween. In order to celebrate this “spooky” day people go all out by purchasing the best costumes and creating the best decorations. But what happens when you want to decorate your office? There are many things you can do to get in the spirit of Halloween at the office without pushing the envelope too far.

Halloween Streamers: Let’s get started! It would be a nice touch if you added Halloween streamers to your office decorations. Try to keep the streamer color towards the Halloween theme of orange and black. They even also have Halloween specialty streamers that feature all kinds of ghouls and goblins on them. It’s best to get two different kinds and then intertwine them together to create a masterpiece. Once you have them twisted together, pick a nice corner to place them in.

Masks: What would Halloween be without a costume or mask? When in the office, place a mask on or around your desk to show that you’re in the Halloween spirit. No, it doesn’t have to be the scariest mask in the world, but make it something that symbolizes you. Say you’re a fan of Frankenstein, try bringing in the mask and wearing it at times when you’re not working, it will really trip out your co-workers!

Spider Webs: This may be one of the oldest Halloween props ever, spider webs. You can purchase fake spider webs at almost every local store when Halloween comes around. Pick up some and try stretching it across your desk or leaving some to dangle towards the ground. You can also place this in the corner near the office door. As an add-on try getting the candy spiders and putting them in the web, people will thank you for it!

Skeleton: Do you remember the old skeletons that used to be in science class? Well the pinup skeletons are great for Halloween. It’s great to hang them on the back of the office door or even on a wall. Try to aim for the glow in the dark skeletons; it’s really a site to see once the sun goes down.

Fake Jack-o-Lantern: If you don’t want to bother with the hassle of carving out a real pumpkin, just buy one of the fake Jack-o-Lanterns at your local store. These pumpkins already have carved designs and are illuminated by built in lights. Most of the time, they’re very inexpensive so you have the chance to get more than one without breaking your budget. They make great spectacles to look at while they sit on your desk!

Hanging Props: Hanging props, are a great add-on for any type of Halloween decorations. Such things include drop down spiders, bats and even ghost. You can get these almost anywhere around the Halloween season for cheap prices. Try dangling a couple of bats or spiders from the ceiling to get a real “scream” out of your co-workers. Even try purchasing a ghost and having a fan behind it so it sways back and forth.

Witch Pot full of Candy: It’s likely to see a candy bowl in the office at all times. Sometimes people have them at their desk, other times it’s just a main candy bowl that the whole office uses. Purchase one of the black witch pots and fill it full of Halloween candy such as Snickers, Butterfinger, M&M’s or whatever your favorite type of candy may be. Set it either on the edge of your desk or put it where everyone in the office can help their selves to it

Balloons: This is a simple and easy add-on for Halloween decorations. Get Halloween theme related balloons and hang them up all over the office. It’s possible to go overboard with hanging lots of balloons so stick to an under 10 rule. Most of the time people will jump with fright when one of the balloons pops, so try to hang them towards the ceiling and out of the reach where people can step on them.

Halloween Banner: Why not have a sign that tells everyone Happy Halloween, or Have a great Halloween? These banners really bring everyone together when it comes to the spirit of Halloween. Try placing it on the outside of the door or hanging it up on the wall where everyone can see it.

Halloween String Lights: Let’s shed a little light on the situation! Halloween string lights are a great way to illuminate the office with a Halloween theme. You can usually get the string lights at any store for under $5-6. Place them either around your desk or find an empty section that could use some light and place them there.



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