5 Easy Halloween Paper Crafts for Kids

Halloween Arts and Crafts for Children

Two things that are a hit with most kids- holidays and crafts! Whether they are in school or at home, arts and crafts projects are a creative way to channel their energy and keep their little hands busy.

Paper Jack-o-Lanterns
These look great hanging on the wall or in the windows.

Materials & Supplies:
1 black piece of construction paper
1 yellow piece of construction paper
1 orange piece of construction paper
Dinner plate
Glue or glue stick

Hold the piece of orange construction paper horizontally and fold it in half. Place the dinner plate on top of it so that most of the dinner plate is on the paper, but about 1/4 of it extends past the folded end of the paper.

With a pencil, trace around the dinner plate. Remove the plate and cut along the pencil guide. Unfold the orange cut-out. When you open it up, it will be in a perfect pumpkin shape.

Have the child draw shapes on the pumpkin- triangle eyes, a circle nose, a mouth with teeth. The shapes must be enclosed areas, such as when you are carving a real pumpkin. Take the scissor and cut out the shapes carefully, not to disturb the rest of the pumpkin.

Cut the yellow construction paper to be slightly smaller than the orange one. Glue the yellow cut-out to the back of the orange pumpkin face. When you look at the front of the pumpkin, the orange side, you’ll see the yellow behind the cuts so that it will look like a glowing jack-o-lantern. Glue the pumpkin face onto a piece of black construction paper for contrast.

Paper Towel Ghosties
Cute little guys to hang on trees, from ceilings or in windows.

Materials and supplies:
Plain white paper towel sheets
White yarn or string
Black marker

Crumple up one sheet of paper towels. Lay another sheet on the table and place the crumpled sheet in the center. Draw up the corners to enclose the crumpled piece as if in a pouch. Tie it off with white yarn or string.

Turn the pouch over. The round top part is your ghost’s head, and the bottom is his body. Use a black marker to make eyes and a mouth. Use more string to hang it from the ceiling.

Paper Plate Skulls
Hang these smiling (or creepy, depending on your preference) disembodied skulls all over the wall.

Materials and Supplies:
Plain white paper plate
Black marker

Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a light horizontal guide line across the inside of the paper plate. Then, about 2/3 of the way down between the guide line and the bottom edge of the plate, make another horizontal line.

On the left side of the plate, cut a straight line up from the bottom guide line to the top guide line. Repeat on the right side. Turn the plate over and you will have a vague skull shape.

Use a black magic marker to draw big oval eyes, a triangular nose, and a toothy grin.

Wizard or Witches Hat
This not only makes a fun costume, but a cute table centerpiece or hat for a pumpkin.

2 or 3 Large piece (12″ by 18″) of construction paper (in the color of child’s choice.
Die cuts, stickers or paper punchers in shapes of stars, moons, spirals or other designs
Glitter (optional)
Crayons, markers
Compass or circle templates

Roll the paper into a cone shape. If the child want’s to wear the hat, wrap the paper around the child’s head in a cone shape. Make sure the fit is good, and tape the side to hold it. Trim around the bottom edge if you like to round it out (careful; not too much).

To make the rim, measure the diameter of the bottom of the cone. Cut out a circle of paper by the same color at least two or three inches larger in diameter. You might need to tape two pieces of paper together in order to make it large enough. In the center of the large circle, draw a circle with pencil that is the same diameter of the cone. In the very center of the circle, draw another circle with a pencil that is about two inches in diameter smaller than the cone.

Cut out the innermost circle. Then, cut slits from the innermost circle to the cone’s diameter circle. Fold these upwards to create tabs. You can now attach the cone top to the brim by taping or gluing the tabs on the brim to the inside of the cone. Adjust the tabs by folding in a bit deeper if necessary.

Allow the child to decorate the hat with markers and crayons, or by gluing little die cuts or stickers all over it. Outline the shapes in glitter if you like.

Miniature Paper Corn Stalks
Use these miniature paper corn stalks for your Halloween displays on shelves and small places.

Materials and Supplies
Yellow, gold or tan construction paper

Roll the horizontal construction paper into a tube shape, with an approximately ½ to 1 inch diameter. For a nice effect, roll up two of the colors together for a fuller, two-tone corn stalk. You may need to hold it when the child cuts.

Allow the child to cut several times into the top of the strip, going about 1/3 of the way down.

Then, putting your fingers on the inside of the tubes, pull it out to create a “spray” of paper strips at the top. Tape to keep in place and tie with a ribbon.

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