8 Best Free Thanksgiving E-Card Websites

Instead of purchasing a flimsy greeting card for Thanksgiving this season, consider another paper-free alternative — personalized E-Cards. These cards help the environment (no trees involved in this process), are easy to personalize and send, and arrive instantly, allowing friends and family members to read merrily. Better yet, it’s free! Here are the eight best websites to get free, personalizable Thanksgiving E-cards.
Free Thanksgiving E-Cards: The Best 8 Websites

1. American Greetings Thanksgiving E-Cards. This free website has a festive selection of Thanksgiving greetings, all completely free. Ranging from hilarious turkey cartoons to touching autumn scenery, this is the best site to get free e-cards. Simply choose a design, input your family’s email, and click send. Your choice sends in seconds, amusing family members and allowing them to send you their own personalized E-Card.

2. eGreetings Thanksgiving E-Cards. Cute animations ranging from relaxing fall images to playful puppies are the highlight of this website. This website carry popular messages to uplift the holiday spirit. Simply type in your own personalized message for a free, paperless way to make this selection memorable.

3. Thanksgiving-Cards E-Cards. Touching moments and festive turkey cartoons make this website ideal for young ones, with plenty of animations to entertain children for hours. Add your own text to personalize this touching Thanksgiving E-Card.

4. SuperLaugh Thanksgiving E-Cards. Give your family members a laugh with SuperLaugh’s website, complete with hilarious images, hassle-free personalization options and numerous card options. Send a free interactive Thanksgiving greeting to over 20 people through this website.

5. Funny E-Cards Thanksgiving E-Cards. These hilarious options will amuse you for hours, including fun animations and appropriate jokes. This website is completely kid-safe, easy to use, and better yet, it’s free! Simply click on a card and fill out the information provided on the website.

6. Christianet Thanksgiving E-Cards. For those who want to put a faith-oriented spin on the holiday season, Christianet’s website features carefully designed selections that honor Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. It also comes with free personalization and the choice to add your own Bible E-Quiz. Simply enter your message, choose the quiz you wish to add, and click send. Your loved ones will receive this E-Card in their inbox within seconds.

7. JibJab Thanksgiving E-Cards. JibJab may poke fun of presidential candidates, but these animated selections are just as hilarious, poking fun at common Thanksgiving traditions. Although this is not appropriate for children, these hilarious animations will make your family howling for hours. Better yet, these E-Cards are free — but you need to register with JibJab to send these hilarious selections.

8. Photocartoonist Thanksgiving E-Cards. Although this website lacks a wide selection, it’s worth checking out. Featuring amusing captions and surprising imagery, these free E-Cards are easy to send and personalize. Simply click on the image of your choice, fill out the information provided on the website, and click send. Happy greetings!

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