A Top Ten List of Thanksgiving Songs

Turkeys, Hymns and Indians, Oh My!

Here are some of my favorite thanksgiving songs, and some newly found ones as well.

10. Give Thanks

A traditional worship song, it speaks about giving thanks with a grateful heart. With touching music and poignant lyrics, it is well-known in the contemporary church.

9. Mr. Turkey

Popular in the classrooms, the lyrics go something like this: (to be sung to the tune of Frere Jaques) Mr. Turkey, big & fat, I am gonna eat you, just like that! Nice, straight, to the point, and it has lots of fun hand motions.

8. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

A spiritual song about reaping the harvest, from the 1850s. The words are by Henry Alford, who wrote 22 other hymns. I appreciate the relevancy of this song.

7. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians
Technically it has nothing to do with being thankful, but we have to remember to whom we were thankful – besides God. Squanto, and his little Indians. Besides, who doesn’t love counting in a song?

6. Grandma Stuffed the Turkey

Then the turkey sure stuffed us. A true American take of thanksgiving- complete with football. At the end there’s a nice little verse about family time and growing families. Too bad there’s no more leftovers with all the extra mouths to feed.

5. Doxology

A timeless tune, recognizable, with great harmonies. Talks of blessings and thanks, plus its short. This song is commonly used as the prayer before the meal.

4. Turkey in the Straw

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsnZxfkkoKQ The original version from 1942 is a must watch. Another one of those has nothing to do with thanksgiving songs, but you eat turkey on thanksgiving, don’t you? The tune is classic and has made number four sheerly because it’s fun.

3. The Thanksgiving Song

Mr. Adam Sandler has blessed us with yet another quirky song full of name dropping, pointless phrases, and lots of turkey. I think this one is more of an adult song, so play it after the kids conk out.

2. We Gather Together

This hymn was written in 1597 by Andrianus Valerius of the Netherlands, and didn’t make its American appearance until 1903, when it was added to the Christian Hymnal. It is the most well known hymn in regards to Thanksgiving and is played in most churches during that time.

1. Over the River and Through the Woods

The top choice; everyone grows up with this song. While the first and second verses are most well known, not until the 3rd verse does anything about Thanksgiving come up. But it mentions pumpkin pie, and brings a sense of crisp energy and life to the world.

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