Best 5 Fruits to Enjoy on Thanksgiving

When most people think of the best fruits to serve on Thanksgiving, apples immediately come to mind. Although I love apples, there are many other seasonal fruits that also deserve a spot on a person’s holiday menu. Therefore, I thought that I would shine the spotlight on five other fruits worth serving over the holidays. Here they are:


Cranberries are one of my favorite fruits to serve at Thanksgiving. They have a great tart taste and may be used in the making of cocktails, side dishes, breads and desserts. In years past, I have used sugared cranberries to dress up cocktails and stuff acorn squash. I have also used them to make a traditional cranberry sauce. Other dishes that I’d suggest serving this year are cranberry walnut relish, cranberry cream scones and cranberry raisin pie.


Quinces are ideal to serve at Thanksgiving as well. The quince’s distinctive flavor makes it a stand out. It has a sweet and sour flavor that is reminiscence of an apple and pear blend. If you really want to serve your guests something different, I’d suggest making a quince paste (membrillo). It is a Spanish dish that is often served on toast with Manchego cheese and chorizo. In my opinion, it makes a wonderful appetizer. It can also be dipped in chocolate or poached in Grand Mariner and served with vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

Satsuma Oranges

In my experience, satsuma oranges are sweet, seedless and perfect for Thanksgiving. They pair well with chicken salad as well as fruit salad. Other dishes to consider serving are satsuma orange cheesecake and a satsuma orange and dried cranberry salad. Satsuma oranges also make an amazing mojito.


In my opinion, pomegranates would make a nice addition to a person’s Thanksgiving menu too. A pomegranate’s versatility is part of what makes it a remarkable fruit. It may be used in the making of desserts, appetizers, cocktails, soups and salads. I’d suggest that you consider serving a pomegranate mango guacamole with plantain chips as an appetizer. Other appetizers to consider making are pomegranate and seafood mousse and fried rice balls seasoned with pomegranate seeds and fontina.


Last but not least, persimmons are worthy of inclusion in your holiday meal. Persimmons may be used to create salads, desserts and side dishes. In my experience, they taste wonderful when broiled and paired with mascarpone. I’d also suggest that you consider making persimmon cookies, persimmon parfaits and spicy persimmon butter. The spicy persimmon butter works well as an appetizer when served alongside assorted breads. The cookies and parfaits, on the other hand, make a wonderful edition to a holiday dessert table.

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