Best of Halloween Arts: Halloween Crafts for All Ages

10 Inexpensive Crafts for Your Family

No other holiday inspires moms, grandmas, and kids across the nation to get out the sewing machine. Homemade costumes are the most creative, and often steal the show. But why stop at the costume when you can save money & be the coolest on the block by making your own Halloween crafts. Explore the 10 great idea’s below submitted by AC’s best!

Pumpkin Seed Jewelry

Perfect for middle school kids, these great necklaces are edible and a healthy substitute for candy necklaces. The project only uses 6 items, and all are commonly found around the house at Halloween. This is a great sleepover activity for girls in October.

Vintage Inspired Halloween Crafts

Do you prefer classic decorations that you can leave out for a dinner party? If so, RS has some great ideas to take you back in time. Some of these idea’s are not for small children because tin snips are involved, but others are easily made with paper and scissors. This year, take your house back in time!

Quick and Easy Mummy Hand

I know what everyone is thinking – vintage & pumpkin seeds are great, but what about the gore! Look no further, we have step by step instructions for creating an amputated mummy hand. Ewww!

Shrunken Heads

When just a hand isn’t enough, take it a step further and create shrunken heads. If your kids are old enough to crave pumpkins, you can also do this fun craft with them. These would be a great display in a haunted house, or just to scare the family.

Gourd Scarecrow

Everyone has the classic hay scarecrows, but this is an alternative that uses up some of those beautiful gourds you couldn’t resist when you picked out your pumpkins. This craft will take a little longer than some of the others, but if you have the attention span the results are wonderful & unique.

Frankenstein Candle Votive

My favorite craft projects are the ones that can be done without purchasing anything. They are a great way to recycle and a lifesaver on rainy days. These cute votive holders have simple directions, but also allow the kids to be creative with the face. Plus, they’d make a great little craft gift for grandparents.

Paper Plate Halloween Decorations

Some of us may not want to admit it, but we all have paper plates hiding in the cabinets. Although my favorite use for them is still avoiding doing dishes, Emma S gives us eight new reasons to love them. She teaches how to make a black cat, wreath, and gives us a spooky way to give people the heebie jeebies and more!

Halloween Foot Ghosts

This is great for all ages and would be perfect for a family. Halloween isn’t complete without a few ghosts handing around. Following the directions, you can have a ghost for each member of you family modeled after each person’s foot. Make sure everyone scrubs ahead of time to avoid stinky ghosts!

Scary Halloween Labels

Surprise you guests or even your family this Halloween by changing out your condiment labels for something much more entertaining, for example, simple Ketchup becomes Witches Blood. Directions & additional suggestion for products are given, but feel free to add on your own as well.

Halloween Tree Centerpiece

Are you one of those people like me who can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree every year? Why wait when you can make your own Halloween Tree. RS turns a simple coffee can into a masterpiece for your table. The entire project is designed to be made with free & leftover materials.



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