Best of Halloween Arts: Halloween Decorations for Your House or Parties

A Selection of Articles with Unique Ideas and Classic Halloween Crafts

Halloween is the one time a year when everyone has an excuse to beg for candy and be someone else. The following articles offer the best ideas for decorating homes for the Halloween holiday. Most of the articles are based on simple projects parents and children can do on a budget, while still having fun.

Digital Decorations by Will N. Stape gives a modern twist on Halloween using laptops, televisions and audio equipment. As the author points out, many households have outdated digital equipment that is perfect for added photo and graphic slide shows or lighting effects.

Eight Halloween Decorations You Can Make From A Trash Bag by Emma S features simple and very affordable projects for candy spiders, ghosts streamers, bug dotted tablecloths and other decorations made from trash bags in a variety of colors. These Halloween decorations are sure to be a hit with kids and families who do not want to spend a lot on the holiday. Also, the projects are all easy for kids and parents to make together. Many of the projects, like the creepy bug and candy ghosts, make great party games for school classrooms or child Halloween parties.

My article 13 Tips for a Fun Spooky Halloween gives an easy to reference numbered list of super easy things to add a little spook to any Halloween house, classroom, office or yard. See how many of these ideas you can work into your holiday this year.

Halloween Decorations: Glowing Ghosts by Bob Smithe is a decoration your kids will love making but is also appropriate for adults. The finished result is sure to get lots of compliments and looks harder than his directions make it seem. This is a different twist on simple garbage bag ghosts and a definite must for Halloween decorating.

Spooky and Ghoulish Halloween Decorations by Michelle Robinson breaks down the best websites for ordering Halloween decorations. For each website Robinson highlights a specific item either for its unique idea or budget busting price. She even makes notes based on how easy the sites are to navigate and purchase from.

DIY Easy Halloween Decorations by Susan Antonelli highlights some classic do-it-yourself Halloween decorations with easy to follow decorations. Most of the items are already in the house and kids love these simple projects. The reason it makes the list, though, is the disgustingly delicious recipe for Cat Litter Cake which makes a perfect party snack for middle school and younger aged children.

Easy No-Sew Halloween Crafts: Scary Man on the Porch by Momie Tullottes gives simple step-by-step instructions for a creepy character to scares visitors on Halloween. The best part is the project allows plenty of room for creativity and can be made so realistic even your neighbors will think it is a real person.

Halloween Decorating: 4 Ways to Make the Average Extraordinary by Trent Sketch definitely goes beyond the mundane DIY projects. His simple instructions involve some more difficult materials but the results are worth it. These projects are better suited for adults but also make great afternoons for parents and teens to spend some quality time together.

Halloween Decorations Oogley-Googley Eyeball Wreath by SkyeDanzer may not be really scary, but this decoration craft is awesome for kids and parents. It is also a great idea for classrooms. Teachers can make them for their doors, or lead students to make smaller versions of this Halloween craft.

Ho to Make Creepy Haunted House Props for a Halloween Party by Gipsy gives ideas for Halloween parties with children and adults. With these projects your guests will get smothered in cold brain matter and have to crawl through a frightening, easy to make, maze.

Finally, even though my article Creative Halloween Treats for Trick or Treaters doesn’t specifically talk about decorations, what’s Halloween without trick-or-treaters? The whole point of decorating is for the night the costumed guests show up. These ideas are easy ways to spruce up your treats with something more than just pre-packaged candy, sure to make your house memorable.



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