Best of Halloween Arts: Halloween Party Decorations

13 Fantastic Articles to Help You Decorate for Your Halloween Party

Halloween parties are great fun for guests and hosts alike. If you’re planning to throw a Halloween party, you’ll need to set the tone with decorations. Check out these thirteen articles for some decorating ideas guaranteed to provide the right atmosphere and give both you and your guests a fantastic time.

  1. 25 Great Halloween Decorating Ideas for Ghoulish Fun – Don’t miss this list of 25 ways to decorate for Halloween. This article from Slate Stone is great for party decorations as well as general Halloween decor.
  2. Alien in a Lab Jar: Another Awesome Halloween Prop – Melanie Dee has an idea for an usual decoration that could be used for Halloween parties.
  3. Decorate Your Entire House for Halloween for Under Twenty Bucks – This article from Emma S. is about decorating the entire house, and it includes some terrific ideas for party decor.
  4. Decorating Tips for Halloween Parties – Goblin lights and a guillotine scene are just two of the ideas for Halloween party decorations in this article from uncgrad.
  5. Fun Halloween Project: Fake Witches’ Apothecary Jars – Danielle “L” gives a terrific account of how to make witches’ apothecary jars to spruce up the decor for your Halloween party.
  6. Halloween: Adding the Fear Factor to Your Party – Sherri Granato knows how to throw a Halloween party! Check out her article, which includes party decor, creepy recipes, and much more.
  7. Halloween Special Effects: Do-it-Yourself Tricks to Treat – If you want to go all out for your Halloween party, read JulieAnn’s article to find out how to create some horrific scenes for Halloween. Not for the squeamish!
  8. How to Throw a Werewolf Party – Halloween and werewolves just seem to go together, which is why L. Vincent Poupard’s article is essential reading for anyone planning a Halloween party. The article gives ideas for party decorations and more.
  9. Ideas for Decorating with Antiques on Halloween – This article by Danielle “L” has some terrific ideas for using antiques in your Halloween decor.
  10. Scary Halloween Dinner Party Ideas – R. Ann Sipper’s ideas for a Halloween dinner party include shrunken head party hosts and creepy decor for the dinner table.
  11. Serve Food in a Unique Manner at Your Halloween Party! – Check out Melanie Dee’s fantastic ideas for setting the table for your Halloween party. This article is essential reading!
  12. Seven Ways to Decorate Your Home with Handmade Halloween Crafts – Do you enjoy doing crafts? If you would prefer to make your own Halloween party decorations, be sure to read this article from B. Hurt.
  13. Spooky Effects for Your Halloween Party or Haunted House – If you want to use special effects to decorate and set the tone for your Halloween party, don’t miss this article from Timothy Sexton.

These articles provide some fantastic ideas for Halloween party decorations, so you’re sure to find a few you can use. Have fun!



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