Best Thanksgiving Invitations

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all that we have and our family and friends. If you have having Thanksgiving at your house this year, you undoubtedly want invitations to send out to invite everyone. It can be difficult to go shopping for invitations during such a busy time of year so to save your sanity, shop from the comfort of your own home. This article will detail five of the best Thanksgiving invitations found online.

Best Thanksgiving Invitations #1: Turkey

Fun and Sassy sells a rectangle shaped flat card invitation that has a turkey at the very top. The card background is white and the outer border is red and white plaid and the inner border is yellow. Your party details are printed in the center of the card. Invitations are sold in set amounts with the lowest being twenty for $40 dollars. Invitations come with envelopes.

Best Thanksgiving Invitations #2: Fall Leaves has a simple Thanksgiving invitation. It is a white flat card invitation that has fall leaves floating along the top and bottom. Party information is printed in the middle. You can personalize the card by choosing the font color and style that you like best. You have fourteen lines of text to work with. Cards are $1.16 each and there is a minimum order of 12 cards. Envelopes are included but if you want your return address printed on, it is an additional .29 cents per envelope.

Best Thanksgiving Invitations #3: Earth’s Bounty

Invitation offers buyers a card that has a harvest bounty at the top of the card consisting of different varies of squash. The rest of the card has a pretty floral border. The card background is white and your party details are printed in elegant script in the middle of the invitation. You can order these blank so you can save some cash by printing them from home or you can get them already personalized and save yourself some time. 20 blank invitations are $29 dollars and 20 personalized invites are $50 dollars. You can order in larger amounts if needed.

Best Thanksgiving Invitations #4: Simple

Sometimes a simple invitation says more then an elaborate one. Red has a white flat card invitation that has the word Thanksgiving in orange at the very bottom of the card. Your party details are printed at the top of the card on the right hand side. You have twelve lines of text to personalize and you are able to pick the font color and style. Red Stamp also offers you several envelope color choices (red, white, blue, green just to name a few). Envelopes are sold in set amounts. The lowest amount sold is ten for $39 dollars.

Best Thanksgiving Invitations #5: Pumpkin Trio

The pumpkin trio invitation from Invitation Box would be perfect to send to guests, inviting them to your party. Don’t let the word pumpkin scare you; it is not a Halloween invitation. It is more of a harvest invitation that fits in when Halloween. The invitation is in flat card style and the background is white. On the left hand side is a pot with a pumpkin looking tree growing straight up. Three pumpkins are in it in various styles with greenery. Party info is printed on the right hand side. Prices start at $52 dollars for 20 invitations.

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