Best Web Sites for Thanksgiving E-Cards

E Cards are great. You can send a card at a moments notice. So if you get behind and don’t have time to send a regular card, your friends and relatives won’t think you have forgotten all about them. With a little bit of imagination, you can find other uses for these Thanksgiving E -Cards. You can send on line invitations for dinner and there are some that are suitable for printing and sending as well. Many of them can so be printed and used for decorations. Try cutting out some of the characters and include them in your table centerpiece. Or post them in a window. It makes a great project for the little ones. With a little bit of imagination, you can find many uses for these Thanksgiving E-Cards.

123 Greetings

This is one of my favorite ones. They have great animated cards. There is a special button by each card that lets you add it to your MySpace page as well. And all of their cards are free, animated or not.

E Cards 4 All

They do not have as wide a selection as some of the other sites, but they do have a good selection of animated and non animated, both comical and serious. And again, they are free.

Blue Mountain

This Is one of the oldest e card companies. They do have some for free and many more if you become a paid member.

American Greetings

American Greetings is one of the most famous card companies, on line and off. You need to join to be able to send their cards, but they have a one month free trial offer.

Super Laugh

It sounds like everything here is comical, but they have some serious cards as well. They have free cards as well as membership level.

All 4 Love

All 4 Love has all free e cards for Thanksgiving. They do not have a large selection, but they are unique.

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