Best Websites for Thanksgiving E-Cards

Nothing makes you feel better than going to your e mail and finding an e card. Each year there are more and more sites offering e cards, both free and requiring a paid membership, for just about any holiday you can imagine and Thanksgiving is no exception to the rule.You can think out of the box with these Thanksgiving e cards also. For instance, some of the sites have invitations as well as e cards. You can print them up instead of sending them by e mail and send them snail mail. Just be sure to use a heavier than normal paper. Print them up and let the kids cut them out. They can use them to decorate Thanksgiving windows or make a collage or mobile. You and the kids are only limited by your imagination.

Care 2

Care 2 is a special site. Every time someone sends one of their free cards, they make a donation to a charity. They have a large selection of Thanksgiving e- cards to choose from, many pages worth.

E Greetings

E Greetings is another free site. There are a dozen to choose from, most of them animated or flash cards.

E vite

This is a small site, with limited choices, but their cards are unique and free.

Sloppy Kiss Cards

This is one very unique site. Every card is dog theamed. They have both Thanksgiving cards and dinner invitations to send to the dog lovers on your list.

Card Fountain

They have a very large selection of free Thanksgiving E cards from the serious to the whimsical. The cards are not free, but they have a two week trial period.

Jacquie Lawson

This is a paid site. Not much of a selection, but they are unique and they have both cards and invitations.

Happy Day Cards

Happy Day Cards has a good selection of Thanksgiving E Cards, no animation but they also have a special section with Thanksgiving E cards just for teachers.


They are 100% Thanksgiving and have tons of free Thanksgiving E cards plus invitations special cards and games just for the kids, invitations and thank yous

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