Book Club Party Ideas for This Thanksgiving

One of the most important ideas of the Thanksgiving holiday is being thankful for all the things that we have. Another important thing about Thanksgiving is the food that is offered. Combining the two of these important aspects of the holiday is what you need to do when you are having a book party during the Thanksgiving holiday. Read on for some great ideas that you can do at your book club party this Thanksgiving. You will be sure to make your people happy and they will all have a wonderful holiday after they attend your fantastic book club party. That is what you want at the holiday time. You want a great bunch of people having fun and enjoying themselves. So read on and find out some ideas that you can use.

When you are sending out the invitations for your book club party be sure to include that you would like everyone to bring and inspirational book to the party. They will need to know that they will be giving it to someone else, so it should be an important book to them, but one that they have read already and really appreciated. They should also write a small informative speech about why the book that they picked is so inspirational. When they arrive at the party, you can have each of them read their speech and then put the books into a big basket in the center of the room. Have everyone pick a number out of a hat. You can draw the numbers on sheets of paper. Then go in order and let each person pick a fantastic book that will make them feel even more grateful than they already are.

Another great book club party idea for Thanksgiving is to invite a writer to give an informative speech about how to write a book. It can be very short. Just have them get the people at the party to start writing their own memories. Many people have decided to write a book after hearing another person speak about writing. It might happen in your group too.

Remember that at Thanksgiving time, you need to have great food for the people at your party. Turkey, stuffing, vegetables, fruits and desserts are all in order. Have great favors for them to take home. Try finding book key chains for a nice party gift. Make sure the decorations fall in line with the colors of fall. A book club party at Thanksgiving will be a blast for all that attend, so make sure that you have music in the background and plenty of refreshments for them.

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