Budget Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving is here again. We all would like to have our homes decorated nicely, but it can be expensive. Decorating for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be. You will need simple harvest decorations to brighten your home. You will just need to have the colors of harvest; yellows, golds, burnt reds, browns, and greens. These colors can be found everywhere. Gather things like branches, dried leaves, dried flowers, stems, twigs, and pine cones. Anything from outside will help decorate your home for Thanksgiving.


Candles are a very inexpensive way of adding to your Thanksgiving decorations. They brighten rooms, and can be used in many different ways.

-Have a large pillar candle in the center of your table, then place some of your dried items around the candle.

-Take a glass bowel and use floating candles in it with water. You can use food coloring in your water to give it a different appeal.

-Use small tea light candles in small glasses. You can use harvest colored glasses or clear glasses.

-Purchase the small jack-o-lanterns from your local dollar store. Place a small candle inside, and turn where you can not see the face. This gives you a decoration for Thanksgiving and Halloween.
Candles used in any way will help you decorate your home for Thanksgiving. You can also use scented candles to give
you a nice aroma.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are great for Thanksgiving decorations. Harvest is the Thanksgiving theme. Using simple items will reduce the cost, and most of these items can be used in other ways.

-Place red and green apples in a large glass bowel, tall glass cylinder, or nice basket. You can also add leaves, twigs, or other items.

-Dried corn cobs can be placed on your dining table, in your kitchen, or on your mantel.

-Place small pumpkins around your home. You can buy different colors, shapes and sizes.

-Take a large pumpkin and glue home made feathers, beak and a hat to make a turkey.

-Glue a hat, and draw a face on a pumpkin to make a pilgrim.

Table Decorations:

Your table is a big part of your Thanksgiving celebration. You should have it bright and festive. You should start with a nice tablecloth. I would go with a bright orange, or a dark green. Then purchase gold chargers to brighten the setting.

Have candles on the table, and sprinkle dried leaves or pine cones around. Be sure not to get any of these items in the food. You may also want cinnamon sticks. Place them on your table for a nice look, and scent.
Other Decorations:

Have your kids help with your decorations. Construction paper is a great thing to use. Make a chain, signs, small turkeys, or pilgrims. These are cute things to put around your home, and the kids will love the time you spent with them.

Get your kid involved with the decorating. They can give you different ideas that will be fun. Kids love doing things like this, and they can usually make something out of nothing. This means you will not be spending much on there ideas.

If you are going to purchase any of your items, shop around. Shop secondhand stores, discount stores, or even yard sales for your decorations. Never pay full price for your items. These things will be on sale before thanksgiving. You can also shop the days after Thanksgiving for decorations for the following year.
Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for the things you have. Be sure to give thanks during the hectic times. Use items you have around your home, or outside. Be creative, and think of things that you can have fun with. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday without spending much, keep with a budget.

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