Celebrating the First Thanksgiving with Your Spouse

Many young couples are starting out their new lives together as husband and wife. As the holidays approach these young couples will be making family traditions of their own. My niece is among these young couples, she and her new husband started their new lives together just this summer. Watching them reminds me of my husband and me when we were their age.

We had to make fresh new family traditions that are still going strong 15 years later. I wanted to make traditions that would work for us but would also include both sides of our families. I knew that having family around makes the holiday celebration special. I wanted to be able to include both sides of the families and I pondered for sometime before coming up with a great plan that has been working for us.

Both of the families hold dinners for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter all at the same time. I felt like we were being rude if we chose one over the other. We started to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family than in the evening we would visit my husband’s parents. Christmas we celebrated at his parents’ house and visited my parents in the evening and then Easter was celebrated with my family and visited his family in the evening.

To make this fair we started the next Thanksgiving at his parents’ house and continue to alter the holidays. I find this tradition a great solution since it gives us both some time to visit with our families. Every other Thanksgiving is celebrated with my parents and some with his parents.

My niece also likes this tradition that I started with my family. She was scared that she would hurt her mother’s feelings or her new in-laws might get mad if they do not get equal time with their son. She announced to all families involved that she would be holding this same tradition. Both families accepted the young couple’s wishes and are all happy that time will be spent with each of them.

This is just one of many family traditions that you can start with your family. Remember that when starting a family tradition you are starting it to please you as a couple not all of your family. You two are the ones that matter, enjoy the holidays together, and remember that they go by fast.

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