Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations

Inexpensive, Fun Halloween Projects

Halloween is one holiday that seems to require lots and lots of decorations – of the spooky kind. Don’t grab your wallet and head for the stores, though. This year, stay at home and make most of your Halloween decorations. They’ll cost you little, they’re great projects for you and the kids, and you’ll love all the compliments you get from your friends and family. You probably already have most of what you need to complete many of these projects.

Got white pillowcases? Then you’ve got plenty of ghosts on the scene! Stuff the pillows with white sheets and tie the ends shut. Set the stuffed pillow in a corner or other area. Cut two round eyes, and a larger, round mouth, from black felt or other cloth. You can use ordinary glue to stick them to the pillowcase – it will come out in the wash – or use glue dots to affix the ghosts’ features. These ghosts work great indoors or out. Use white trash bags, stuffed with white trash bags, to make the outside version.

Use a white trash bag to make treat bags for young guests at a Halloween party. Cut circles from the bags, fill them up with goodies, then tie shut with a black or orange ribbon. You can use stickers or markers to create a design on the outside of each treat bag. Use orange trash bags to make Halloween pumpkin decor for your table, mantle or other areas. Cut the orange trash bag into circles, fill each with paper towels or another stuffing, then tie them shut with a green ribbon. Set these around the perimeter of the treats table or place them in other rooms. Use sticker faces or draw your own with markers.

Create a fun door wreath for Halloween by starting with a Styrofoam ring or even a round piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard in a wreath form and glue on novelties from a dollar-theme store. These stores carry zillions of Halloween-theme what-nots that can be attached to the wreath. Hot glue makes it easy to glue on mini skeletons, tiny pumpkins, plastic spiders and more.

Use empty paint cans or large coffee tins to decorate your goodies table. Wrap the cans in black fake fur or even Halloween-theme cloth. Set these cans on the table then set trays of goodies on top of each can. Tape two cans together, then wrap with cloth, to make even taller food pillars. Clean old picture frames well then lay them on the table. Cut a piece of Halloween-theme paper and lay on top of the glass. Now you have a cute serving tray that looks great. Use glue dots to temporarily attach spiders, snakes or other spooky embellishments.

Cut Halloween pictures from magazines. Water down white glue then spread it on top of a new bar of soap. Position the picture then cover with a coat of the glue. Add another coat, and another, allowing the glue to dry completely each time. These Halloween soaps are great as gifts or for using in your own bathroom. The soaps can actually be used but the pictures will slowly disintegrate after using. The more layers of glue you add the longer the image will remain.

Use fishing twine, in a dark room, to freak out your guests. Hang many lengths of the twine from the ceiling; the twine is virtually invisible but feels like spider webs when it brushes against your skin. This is a cheap but effective Halloween decoration that will keep ’em screaming! Blow up lots and lots of black balloons and place them on the floor. Balloons are cheap but will give a Halloween accent to any room of the house.

Use a trash bag to make a tablecloth as well as a door decoration. Open the black, orange or white trash bag and lay it out flat. You can use colored tape, magic markers, black twine, stickers and other supplies to create the design you want. These can be preserved and used year after year.

Use glue dots or double-sided tape to affix assorted critters to the walls, mirrors, lampshades and more. The dots or tape allow you to easily remove the decor after Halloween. You’ll find bags full of assorted creepy crawlies at most any dollar-theme store. Try hanging some of them from lengths of fishing twine and you’ll spook many guests.

Use black chenille pipe cleaners to make spider web shapes that can become drink coasters or wall decor. Go online and you’ll find plenty of project sheets that show you how to design the spider webs. Attach the finished webs to lampshades, window panes, mirrors and more. Use black or orange twine to wrap bottles, jars and other containers for the goodies table. These containers can hold everything from Halloween suckers to silverware. Use stickers to turn ordinary plastic silverware into Halloween utensils for a party. Cut circles from a paper towel roll, wrap them in black or orange pipe cleaners, and use them as napkin rings.

Take a piece of cardboard, fold it into three sections, then cover it with Halloween-theme cloth. Fold the cardboard into a square “U” shape to make a napkin holder. At the open ends, glue a piece of popsicle stick – or other flat object – across the opening. These flat objects will hold the cardboard into the shape you’ve designed. The two sides of the cardboard should be exactly the same size but the bottom can be much more narrow. Glue on flat wooden shapes or otherwise embellish the napkin holder.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fabulous Halloween. There are many things you have in your home that can be used to create unique decor that will have your friends and family bragging on you! Now, about the upcoming Thanksgiving decor…well, let’s wait a little longer on that!

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