Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations

So you want to decorate your lawn with tombstones, skulls, and body parts, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Instead of paying big bucks for your decorations, why not buy the stuff under ten bucks, and make them look great without the price. I go to places like Target, Walmart, even drug stores to find really cool stuff that’s cheap, then dress them up with moss I find in the decorating aisle in stores like Walmart.

A couple year ago, I found some pretty realistic tombstones at Walmart. They’re made of styrofoam, but look pretty convincing. I then glue on moss found in the decorating aisle of big stores, and with some glue and patience, made them look like they belonged in an old cemetery. I found a realistic arm, complete with fake blood, at a drug store, along with a skull that looke dlike it had been lying around for years in some creepy old graveyard. The tombstones come with cheap plastic stakes to hold them up on your lawn, but I found the by inserting 4-5 inch sections of metal coathanger, pushed into the lawn, worked much better. Simply push them into your lawn about halfway, then carefully push the tombstone onto the other end. They will stay up much better, and won’t break like the plastic stakes included.

I found several different types of tombstone, and, under a chilly fall moon, they look very cool. I used the arm as a prop; making it look like it was coming from a grave. I used a longer section of coathanger, using the same technique as for the tombstones. All in all, it looked great. You can buy cheap strobelights, with colored filters, and use them to light up your Halloween display.

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