Children’s Halloween Craft Ideas

Halloween is a great holiday for crafts. Children can spend hours occupied making Halloween decorations and crafts. Here are a few great ideas for some simple easy to make crafts.

Halloween Planters: Get some plain clay planters, markers, glue, paints and glitter. Paint or draw on pumpkins, witch’s hats, ghosts, bats etc. on the planters. Write in glue Happy Halloween and pour your glitter over the glue to give a bright Halloween message. Add orange and black silk flowers to each planter.

Ghost Decorations: Grab some white construction paper. Draw and then cut out your ghosts. Use glitter and glue to write Halloween messages on your ghosts. Get some Yarn or string, punch a hole at the top of the ghost. Hang your ghost from tree limbs and throughout your yard and home. You can also make ghosts, by using an old white sheet. Cut out square pieces . Stuff the head part with old newspaper. Then tie the head area with a string or a tight rubber band. Cut a whole in the top of the head. Pull string or yarn through the hole and hang your ghosts.

Pumpkin Crafts: Children love pumpkins. Pumpkins are fun and most are not scary. To make some nice pumpkin decorations all you need is some orange and black construction paper, glitter, glue, paints and markers. Have each child draw and cut out a pumpkin. Then using the black construction paper cut out some eyes, nose or mouths. Glue these on the pumpkin. Then using glue and glitter, make Halloween messages. Punch a hole at the top of the pumpkin. Then pull yarn or string through the hole. Hang the pumpkins from the ceilings, trees etc. Or just hang them on the walls.

Halloween Stick Decorations: This a easy and fun craft to make! All you need is some Popsicle sticks, glue, markers and construction paper. Draw the cut out small Halloween characters like pumpkins, ghost, bats etc on different colored paper. Use orange for pumpkins, black for bats and white for ghosts. Then glue each character to the top of the Popsicle stick. You can put these decorations anywhere. Use them to decorate planters, Halloween cakes etc. Another great idea is to find a good sized cardboard box. Cut out the back of the box and make a curtain to put over it. Using all of your different stick decorations, put on a Halloween puppet show.

Halloween Poster: This is fun because you can be real creative. Grab some markers, paints,crayon, glue and glitter. Draw and cut out different Halloween characters on construction paper. Paste them on the poster board.You can even draw them right on the poster board. If you draw them on the board, color them in using crayon, markers or paints. Add glue and glitter for great effects.



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