Children’s Thanksgiving Poems

A Collection of Original Children’s Poems for Thanksgiving

Sharing our history and heritage with children is much easier when we are able to use simple symbolic pictures, songs, and poems. The following collection of children’s Thanksgiving poems help children understand some of the history, tradition, and customs associated with the American celebration of Thanksgiving.

A Thanksgiving History

When corn stalks waved in the wind,

Pilgrims knew Indians were their friends.

Indians called the corn maze,

This saved Pilgrims lives for so many days.

Celebrating the harvest together as friends,

It’s too bad the friendship would one day end.

But for a time Pilgrims and Indians shared,

They were all God’s children and they all cared.

Indians and Pilgrims worked together to live.

When harvest came they had much thanks to give.

They gathered together for a feast of all feasts:

Turkey, corn, cabbage, and treats.

Pilgrims were thankful for Indian friends.

It’s so sad their friendship would one day end.

But for now we celebrate like the first Thanksgiving Day,

We all bow our heads and give thanks as we pray.

A Gaggle of Gobbling Turkeys

A gaggle of gobbling turkeys ran by,

Flapping and gob-gobbling,

I heard them cry,

Run Thanksgiving is near.”

I rushed, breathless, to their side,

Shuffling and scratch-scratch-scratching,

I heard a gaggle of sighs,

We must run Thanksgiving is near.”

The gaggle began gobbling again,

Beating their wings and pecking at things.

I felt so sorry, but then,

“Stop! Your gob-gobbles,” I heard myself cry.

Hundreds of big turkey eyes stared up at me,

No blinking, no gobbling, no scratching.

I uttered my plea,

“Fat turkeys, you know Thanksgiving is near.”

“I wish your gaggle could run in the night,

But dreaming of turkey, cranberries, and pie,

Truly for Thanksgiving even I must have a bite,

For fateful Thanksgiving is here.”

Gaggles of gobbling turkeys ran by,

Flapping and gob-gobbling,

Into the night.

Not for long Thanksgiving is here.


Thankful, I’m thankful for all that God’s giving.

Happy, I’m happy for friends far and near.

Anxious, I’m anxious to eat turkey and dressing.

Never, I’m never forgetting hungry people.

Keeping, I’m keeping my mind on thanksgiving

Singing, I’m singing thanksgiving and praise.

Grateful, I’m grateful for friends and family coming.

Insisting, I’m insisting we share with our neighbors.

Very, I’m very thankful for blessings God’s giving.

Inviting, I’m inviting those who might have gone hungry.

Napping, I’m napping when I’ve finished eating.

Giving, I’m giving thanks to God on Thanksgiving Day.

Thank You God

Thank you God…

That I share Thanksgiving with my family,

That we live together peacefully,

That you care for us so graciously.

Thank you God…

For the great piles of food,

For keeping us healthy and helping me be good,

For watching over us in all that we do.

Thank you God…

Thanksgiving reminds me

To turn my heart toward heaven

And be thankful to Thee.

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