Christmas Decorations for Your Windows

The holiday season brings use to that fun job of being creative with our Christmas window decorations. There are so many materials to use, Pine branches, pine cones, cloth, plastic or silk fruits and flowers, birds especially doves and the list goes on and on.

In this article we are going to try and put together a few of these ideas. There are so many creative things you can do to your windows for Christmas. During Christmas the worst decorators come up with a masterpiece. Who can tell? It all looks great. Christmas brooms, Santa flags, just tons of creative things that you can do for your windows.

A lovely vine house plant placed with the vines elongated and intertwined in beautiful Christmas ribbons of glitter and gold, red or green would look so lovely. This would look especially nice in a kitchen or den window where you might have plants sitting anyway. Giving all of your plants that Christmas facelift will add that extra festive mood to your windows and the surrounding area.

Lighted candy canes and Christmas greenery make beautiful window decorations. Animal appliqués bordered by cotton and holly leaves make a bright Christmas window décor. Christmas stockings alone or Christmas stockings stuffed with fake Christmas gifts and candy canes is such a delightful Christmas arrangement. Hang Christmas cards from one end of the window to the next. Add popcorn, cranberries, ribbon and glitter to this and suddenly this mixture starts to sound very interesting.

Wreaths decorated in the traditional Christmas bows, red or green, the choice is up to you. These wreaths can be spiced up with Christmas memorabilia, Christmas bulbs, lights, cherries and the like. A sprig of artificial holly is very pretty on a Christmas wreath. It gives that feeling of dashing through the snow.

Appliqués are handy little window decorations and especially fun for children. There are sleighs, bells, snowmen, and Santa’s, just about anything you can think of. These appliqués are easy to put on and to take off. Decorating windows with battery operated or electric candles, colorful Christmas lights, and liquid snow are ways to bring Christmas delight to your windows during the holiday season. But as always, be careful with any object where small children are involved.

Big candy canes little candy canes, pictures of reindeer. Christmas is the one time of year you can be as creative as you want to be, no holds barred. The kids can do their drawings, or you can use art work of your own creation and it will look just great. The local neighborhood competition is always interesting for décor. It is most times not mentioned but always fun to watch. Will your windows be up to the challenge?


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