Craft Project for Kids: Halloween Tree

Making a Halloween tree with your kids is a fun way to spend the holidays. This craft project can usually be made from scraps from the yard and typical crafting materials. The Halloween tree craft is an excellent way to keep kids busy on rainy autumn days.

You will need:

Tree trimmings
Craft paint
Craft glue
Halloween stencils
Paint brush
Coffee can
Construction paper
Hole punch
Needle and thread

Start off by getting some branches from the yard. Bind them together tightly with some strong twine to form a small tree.

Paint an empty coffee can with dark blue craft paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. Then decorate your can with designs such as black cats, silver moons, Frankensteins, witches or Jack O’ Lanterns. Download Halloween clip art to transfer to the can if you’re not artistically inclined. Once the paint has dried completely, go over it with a layer of polyurethane varnish.

Then put some sand or rocks at the bottom of the decorative can. Push the branches inside the can and begin to push wadded newspaper into the can around them. Continue pressing newspaper in until the branches feel stable. Cut up some black construction paper into quarters, then place it on top of the newspaper. Use hot glue to secure it to the craft.

Print out some Halloween stencils. Cut them out, then trace them on construction paper. Cut out the designs to use as ornaments. Some ideas for Halloween decorations include acorns, leaves, pumpkins, cats, ghosts and moons. Vary the size of your ornaments to increase the dimensionality of the finished craft project.

Use a paintbrush to apply features to the ornaments with craft glue. Sprinkle on some gold or silver glitter, then shake the excess off into a paper plate. For added interest, see if you can find glitter in unusual colors such as yellow, black and blue. Glitter glue is also available. It’s easier to use than regular glitter, and it’s less prone to flaking.

Punch a hole in the larger ornaments with a hole punch, then tie some yarn onto the hole. Use a needle and thread to put a loop on the smaller ornaments. Be sure to tie the loops very tightly so that they don’t come undone.

When you’re finished making your Halloween ornaments, have your kids help you put them on the tree. Supervise the tree decorating, and make sure that the children don’t cluster the ornaments together too much. When you display your Halloween tree, make sure to secure it so that it doesn’t blow away in the wind.

After the holiday is over, break down your Halloween tree and set the branches out for brush collection. Save the Halloween ornaments and can so you can do the craft again next year. The can portion of this craft project also makes a great candy bucket.



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