Crafts for Your Princess Halloween Party

Treasures for Small Halloween Princesses

If you are hosting a Halloween princess party this year, you will need to have a craft or two for your event. All princesses love crafts, and you can also use a craft in place of a loot bag at your Halloween party. If you are looking for a fun item that all of the little Cinderellas, Ariels and Sleeping Beauties can create, try a few of the simple crafts below.

Princess Crown. This is a very easy craft for your Halloween party. All you need is a headband, some trim, glue and some acrylic gems. Since it is a Halloween princess party, don’t forget to have some of these items in black, orange and purple, along with a few spooky items to use instead of the gems (spiders and pumpkins work well.) Just have the princess attendees cut the trim long enough to cover the headband and glue it on. They can attach the appropriate gems, spiders, and/or pumpkins. For smaller princesses, let them choose the materials and you do the cutting. Self-sticking appliqués are fun, too. Try Oriental Trading for tons of inexpensive gems, Halloween and princess stickers, and other craft items.

Princess Fan. Every princess needs a fan, whether it be a spooky Halloween one or one that is very elegant. You need construction paper, any old wrapping paper you have left (anything pink or foil is perfect), a hole punch, glue and some ribbon. Additionally, use princess and Halloween stickers, as well as some of the jewels and spiders you may have used above. Glue the wrapping paper to the construction paper, then fold the paper accordion style. Have the princesses cut half circles along the top to create the scalloped fan edge, then punch holes along the bottom for the ribbon. Thread the ribbon through and tie it and voila – one princess fan. For Halloween fans, use black, orange or purple construction paper and black ribbons. Black doilies can be used instead of wrapping paper for a spider-web effect. Then decorate as desired! For extra fun thread a few beads through the ribbon ends and let them dangle.

Treasure Box. This is a great craft for your princess Halloween party because it can be used for gathering piñata candy, filling with prizes, or even for trick-or-treating! All you need is some cardboard boxes (shoe boxes are perfect), paint, paint brushes, glitter glue and appliqués. Have both princess and Halloween colors for paints and glitter available (pink, purple, orange, black, etc.) Have the princesses paint the boxes and let them dry. They can then decorate the boxes with the glitter glue and appliqués. This is a good craft to have them complete when the Halloween party guests arrive – they can paint, socialize, decorate, and then collect their craft at the end of the party.

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