Crafty Sewing Ideas for Halloween

The holidays seem to start with Halloween and then it’s downhill from there until we face the New Year.

So to get started on that downhill roll, let’s begin with sewing projects for Halloween .They are always popular, because the perfect costume just seems to never be available. You may have great ideas for the children’s costumes but what’s available in the stores just isn’t quite right. So in the long run it may be best to sew your own.

Even the children can help with the sewing projects for Halloween.

The easiest way to create unique costumes is to cut down adult clothing until it’s about the right size for the youngster. Hem the dresses and pants after you’ve cut them off. You can quickly turn that old evening gown into a bridal gown and use the part you cut off to sew a bridal veil , shawl., or bridal train. Add some fancy costume jewelry and your little princess will be all decked out for the evening.

For the boys, try cutting off the sleeves of an old suit coat and using the extra material to make coat tails to add onto the back of the coat. Coat tails and a little derby made from black felt are quick sewing projects that will turn your little man into a suave ,handsome, little gentleman.

Halloween Placemats can be easily sewn using orange or black fabric. Cut several pairs of ten to twelve inch circles, place them together , wrong side out and sew a seam about a half inch from the edge. Leave about a two inch space unsewed so you can turn them right side out. After turning them right side out, you can sew the opening closed by hand.

Then lay the placemat right side up and sew five or six vertical lines up and down the pumpkin.You may want to use green thread to create some contrast. Use a black marker or black craft paint to make the jack-o-lantern features. Glue a small rectangle of green felt to the top to make it look like a stem.

They can be personalized or you could have each child decorate a placemat.

Halloween Goodie Bags are popular for trick or treating and for parties.

The amount of fabric you will need depends on how many bags you need to make and what size the bags will be. For simple six inch bags, use one yard of orange fabric and one yard of black fabric. For contrast you can cut one side in orange and one side in black. Use orange or black ribbon to tie the tops.

Cut rectangles from the fabric that are 6 1/2 ” long and 5′ wide. Turn up a small hem on one shorter end of each rectangle and sew it down. Then place the rectangles together wrong side out and sew the other three seams. Leave the hemmed edges open.

Another way to do it is to fold one edge the entire yard of fabric up to 6 1/2 “, and cut it on that line. Then sew the small hem on both long sides of the fabric. After you have sewn the hems , lay the folded fabric out so the fold is near you and the edges are even .Then cut the individual rectangles. This way you will only have to sew the side seams on each bag. This will create bags of all one color.

Fill the bags with the goodies and tie a ribbon around the top.

The children can also help decorate these bags if you like or just personalize them as party favors.



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