Create a Pumpkin Bowl for Halloween Treats

This is a simple how to about creating a pumpkin bowl for Halloween treats. This is necessary have at any of our family Halloween parties. It is a great tradition to begin in your family this year. This pumpkin bowl is made from a real pumpkin, so it is a wonderful addition to any celebration. To make a pumpkin bowl you simple need to purchase the orange squash like fruit. You need to choose one that is flat on the bottom that way it does not tip over easily. You can purchase these at department or grocery stores. You will have a better selection if you grow your own or visit a farmers’ market or roadside stand.

You must look for the perfect one, so choose one that is round. As far as size goes, what you will be putting in your pumpkin bowl dictates the size you need. If it will hold single servings of soup, get small ones however if it will hold the trick or treat candy of Halloween grab a few big ones.

Now to make your pumpkin bowl you need to slice off the top leaving the stem in tact because that is your handle. So cut a few inches from the bottom of the stem so you have the handle.

You can use a large metal spoon to scrap out the insides of your pumpkin bowl. Most people find it far easier to use their hands to remove the insides. Remove all the stringy insides and the seeds as well. Just make sure you have a pail or garbage can close by so you can toss the insides away quickly. If you would like to roast the seeds, bake them as you would sunflower seeds. They are wonderful salted or plain.

Once all the insides are out of your pumpkin bowl, you can fill it with hearty homemade soups and stews. This adds a very decorative touch to any holiday celebrations with family and friends.

You can also use this pumpkin bowl for a decorative touch on you holiday table. You can add autumn flowers to it.

You could also make a large pumpkin bowl big enough to set a candy bowl inside. This allows the kids to pull candy out of it. Choose a good size fruit and cut it about half way down, again leaving the stem in tact, so that your opening is large enough to set a bowl in there. If you use a butter bowl this is good but you will need to refill the pumpkin bowl often.


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