Creepy Halloween Decorations for Your Porch

Cheap and Free Decorations to Make Yourself

Halloween is just around the corner and aside from Christmas it’s the most popular holiday of the year! And, while Halloween is a time for kids to have fun and get lot’s of treats, many adults love the holiday as much as the kids! While there are certainly hundreds of Halloween decorations available this time of year, they can certainly cost a small fortune. If you’ve browsed the Halloween aisle at your favorite store, you know that the really great looking items generally aren’t less than $20 and some can even go over $100! You could literally spend hundreds of dollars just to fill your porch with scary skeletons and ghouls! Or, you can take some spare time and a lot less money and make all the decorations you could ever need. The only limitation in making your own Halloween decorations is your imagination!

I’m sure that everyone has used the fake spiderwebs at one time or another. And, even though I just can’t seem to get them all off when Halloween is over, I usually always use them again! There’s just something about Halloween, spiderwebs and spiders that go together like soup and crackers!

The fake spider web is really cheap, but the spiders can cost quite a bit, especially if you want some that are big enough to see. Me and my son would always make our own. All you need is some black garbage bags, black pipe threaders and some type of stuffing.

Cut the sections of garbage bags into circles, the size will depend on how big you want the spiders to be. Simply stuff the circles as much as you want and tie the ends with a string or bread tie. Leave a tail on the ends so that you can twist the pipe threaders around it for the spiders legs.

You don’t even need to use eyes, but if you want eyes you can easily paint them on. Be careful of how big you make the spiders, if they’re too heavy they won’t cling to the fake webbing. But, the really large ones are great to just sit around the porch waiting to scare visitors!

You have just got to have a few tombstones for Halloween and styrofoam decorations are really high! But, you can easily make your own with blocks of styrofoam. You can purchase them at a lot of home and garden centers, but we always got them for free!

Every furniture store has loads of styrofoam that was used to protect the furniture during shipping. And, we never ran across one that wasn’t more than happy to let us raid their dumpster to get some huge blocks of styrofoam.

All you need to do is to draw the design you want on the styrofoam block with a magic marker. You can cut it with a sharp knife or utility knife, you can even purchase special knives that are made to cut styrofoam. Once, you gotten your tombstone cut out, spray paint it gray and use either a darker gray or black for whatever creepy text you want to add.

Everyone has some old raggedy clothes that they don’t need somewhere in a closet. You can stuff a whole outfit and make a great life like Halloween decoration. You can add some gloves, shoes and even a hat so that no one can tell there isn’t a face. But, the styrofoam wig blocks make great heads if you happen to have one! You can even glue a cheap mask to a big rubber ball or milk and then cover it with a hat!

I have seen lot’s of people use hay for the stuffing, but I always figured why pay for hay when you can get lot’s of free stuffing? We usually had more than enough dead leaves in the yard to stuff our Halloween person. And, when we lived where we didn’t have enough trees in the yard, we started saving the plastic grocery bags ahead of time to stuff our man!

If you really want to get graphic with your Halloween figure. Stick a big butcher knife into his chest and cover it with ketchup! Place a knife or something in his hand, you can even purchase plastic spears, swords or daggers fairly cheap to add a much better effect.

The styrofoam heads used for wigs can be used for so many different Halloween styles. You can hollow out the eyes and paint the insides black, use way too much paint so that some of it drains down the cheeks! You can even design them after a creepy character in your favorite horror movie!

There’s just so many creepy things that you can make yourself for Halloween that will cost very little to create. And, aside from getting so many different decorations for so little, if they do happen to get destroyed before the next season, at least you won’t have lost a huge investment!



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