Decorate Your Front Porch for Halloween: Inexpensive Prop Ideas

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t require that you spend hundreds of dollars at the mall. If you have a little time to spare, you can make your own decorations with little money. The following are some props that will help to make your house the talk of the town on Halloween. Light the way to your front door with some simple Halloween lanterns. Purchase some paper lunch sacks and tea candles at any grocery or discount store. Put a handful of dirt, gravel, rocks, or sand in each bag to keep it from blowing away, and then place a candle on top. Line your sidewalk with your lanterns and then light the candles. If you want to add some extra Halloween flair, cut some spooky designs in the sacks.

Leave a trail for guests to follow with monster footprints. Cut some scary looking foot shapes out of large sponges or Styrofoam. Purchase some washable paint in the color of your choice, and dip the foot patterns you have created into it. Paint tracks along your sidewalk to lead the way to your door.

Make some tombstones with those old cardboard boxes in your garage to turn your lawn into a mock graveyard. Once you have cut out the tombstones, paint them and add spooky epitaphs. If you want to add an extra dimension to your cemetery, purchase a fake plastic hand and use it to create the illusion of a zombie reaching through the surface from the grave.

Add a little humor to your Halloween decor with a crashed witch. You will need a pair of black sweatpants, a black turtleneck, a wig or yarn, a broom, a pair of dish washing gloves, a witch’s hat, some stockings, a few small boards, and some tools. All of these will be secured to a tree in your front yard. Family Fun provides step-by-step video instructions to follow.

Turn your home into a haunted house by hanging some ghosts on your porch or in trees. Start with a tall white kitchen bag, and stuff one of the bottom corners with leaves, newspaper, plastic grocery sacks, or something similar to make a head shape. Once you form the head, tie a piece of string around the neck to keep the stuffing in place. If you use a long enough piece of string, it can be used to hang the ghost. Next, you can draw a scary face on your ghost with a black marker. Finally, cut some 5 inch slits in the open bottom of the sack to add a wind sock effect. These spooky creations will blow in the wind and add to the Halloween atmosphere.

Create your own headless porch guardian using your old clothes and some stuffing. Stuff some pants and a shirt with whatever material you can find; leaves work well. Use an old pair of gloves for hands, or purchase some scary costume hands. To add a little gore to your creation, cover a piece of white cloth in ketchup or fake blood and put it in the neck of the shirt. If you prefer, turn it into a creepy scarecrow by adding a head made from a stuffed garbage bag with a face drawn on it. Sit your creation in a chair on your front porch to wait for trick-or-treaters.

Cobwebs will add a spooky touch to your front porch. You can purchase bags of stretchy cobwebs at any discount store around Halloween for very little money. Cover your front porch to turn it into a spider’s den. If you want to spend a little extra, purchase a giant plastic spider to put in the center of the web. You can also make a spider by stuffing black trash bags. Use pantyhose or trash bags for the legs, and cut out colored eyes and white fangs out of construction paper.

Last but not least, turn your pumpkins into masterpieces using patterns. DLKT provides pumpkin carving patterns for free download. Once you find a pattern you like, print it out, secure it to the pumpkin, and carve away! Consider purchasing a pumpkin carving kit to ensure you have the right tools for the job.

Have fun turning the outside of your home into a Halloween nightmare!



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