Decorate Your House for Halloween

Your home is your castle and decorating your home for each season is easy and worry-free. You can keep things simple or go all-out for your Halloween d├ęcor this year. Here are some ideas.

Ask yourself how much you want to do this year. Are you decorating the inside or outside or both? How many rooms do you want to decorate? Are you decorating for a party or not? What is my budget? How you answer these questions will determine how much you decorate.

If you have kids, start with their rooms since Halloween is about children having fun. Have your kids create their own wall hangings or things to put on top of their dressers. Decorate the doors to their rooms in the way they like it.

If your home has stairs, wrap some orange and black tinsel around the handrail and down the banister. Intertwine Halloween lights with them in whatever style you like. Put lights around doorways and hanging down from entryways. Lights can be simple bulbs of orange and purple or more decorative with pumpkins, ghosts, or skeletons.

Make a centerpiece for your dining room table around a certain theme. Whether it’s a candy dish, silly witches, scary ghosts, a graveyard, or simple harvest food, go with what suits you best to make a three-dimensional centerpiece. A simple way to do this is get a large pumpkin and attach things to it with glue, paste, or toothpicks.

Decorate your mantle around your fireplace. Make some black cats to give the illusion your cats are keeping warm on the mantle with their tails hanging over the side. Paint pumpkins and place them evenly along your mantle and get bigger ones to place on the floor on either side of your fireplace.

Outside, you’ll want to decorate with things that are weatherproof. Bales of hay stacked on your yard with plastic skeletons, mummies, jack o’ lanterns, and black cats are fairly simple to do. Hang some witches on broomsticks from some tree limbs to simulate them flying in your yard. Hang white ghosts made of white sheets from low branches.

Use your existing outdoor lighting to illuminate what you decide to decorate outside in your yard. Put a wooden rocking chair in your yard and have a spooky figure sitting in it like Frankenstein, a vampire, or a scarecrow. Get creative with what you sit in that chair.

No matter what you do or how you decorate your house for Halloween, they are sure to please your family and your guests who visit your home this Halloween.




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