Decorate Your Yard for Halloween

The Journey of the Homemade Electric Chair

Every year people across the country decorate their yards to put a little “spirit” into those cute trick-or-treaters. Today, I will share with you my experience that I have had helping my brother-in-law in giving that spirit a boost.

Now, let me first tell you that my brother-in-law loves horror movies. He has probably seen every horror movie that has been produced, even the bad ones. He takes some of the themes from those movies and uses them in his yard for Halloween. The year I helped him out with his decorations turned out to be one of his best. We started out putting the Styrofoam gravestones in various spots for the many horror villains like Michael Myers, Jason, and the like. We put spider webs in the bushes, and had some various body parts sticking up out of the ground near the gravestones. The normal, everyday stuff you would use to decorate your home. But, the most impressive decoration he used that year was an animatronics electric chair.

He had seen videos on the web of other people who had done this before and he wanted to put his spin on it and use it himself. He searched the web to find plans and instructions on how to build and create the animated person in the chair. After a pretty long and intensive search, he found them and ordered them. The plans were pretty clear and easy to understand. It called for some lumber that you can buy from any home improvement store, some PVC pipe for the dummy skeleton, and there were some other details I can’t remember right now. The main drive for the dummy was an electric drill that turned some wheels that were connected to the PVC pipe skeleton to simulate the electrocution of the person in the chair. It took quite a while to get together, but it turned out really good after a few tweaks to adjust the speed of the drill to get just the right effect.

We placed the chair just past the doorway on the porch, and hooked it up to a sensor, so when the little tikes would step on the sensor, a light would come on and the execution would begin! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Some found it scary, but most thought it was the coolest decoration they had ever seen. That made that Halloween the best one my brother-in-law ever had. Hopefully you can find some ideas in my story to use in your own spooky graveyard, execution chamber! Happy Haunting!

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