Decorating a Living Room for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day has always been a celebrated event of which my family eagerly looks forward to participating in. Decorating my living room or “big room,” as my grandchildren call it, is as much a part of the celebration as the food we share that day. To rouse the spirit of Thanksgiving Day, I like to integrate brisk autumn colors into my décor. I take a fancy to blending items straight from nature into my decorating theme, as well. I realize the type of living room you have to decorate is diverse, like the people celebrating Thanksgiving. Therefore, I want to note, my home is in the country and rustic in theme.

Natural Trimmings

*Nothing sets the ambiance in a living room on Thanksgiving Day like snippets of autumn. Living in Central Massachusetts, I have an abundance of luscious colored leaves to gather and acorns and pinecones by the truckload. Generally, people use pinecones in Christmas decorations, but I like to add them to my Thanksgiving decorating because I love the earthy smell the overall combination creates.

*I break up the pinecones and simply add pieces to arrangements around the living room. Gourds for color and dried seedpods for interest make a comfortable statement in a living room. Walnuts are handy for effect as well. Dried rose hips and cinnamon sticks make a simple potpourri, but smell heavenly with its spicy undertone. Pumpkins of various sizes, corn stalks, Indian corn, grapevine wreaths and mums are just some of nature’s bounty, which will bump up the overall feeling of a room.

*You do not need a heap of any of these items. Finding just the right way to display them is what you are aiming for to have your living room embrace the sense of Thanksgiving. If you do not have access to things from nature, of course you can purchase the dried and silk effects at a craft shop.

Ideas for Displaying Nature’s Bounty and Thanksgiving Decorating in the Living Room

*When I decorate my living room for Thanksgiving Day, I like to keep the natural theme flowing by using wooden bowls in a variety of shapes and size. I have two coffee tables in my living room so I use matching sizeable wood bowls on each table. Large cloth napkins in autumn hues make an eye-catching base in the bowls. Add a combination of brilliantly colored leaves, acorns and walnuts, a few orange gourds and some pieces of pinecone for the wonderful smell of nature. Seedpods make the arrangement complete. Simple works best in my case.

*I hang several twenty-four inch grapevine wreaths on the walls of the living room for added result. I like them undecorated, but you can use a hot glue gun to attach acorns, bows, dried flowers of autumn or clusters of cinnamon sticks. Indian corn is wonderfully colorful. Tie up with ribbon or twine and hang on walls or doorways.

*Corn stalks represent the harvest and make a fabulous decorating item on Thanksgiving Day. Using twine, bundle the stalks and tie with a simple knot. If you prefer, you can tie the stalks with fall themed ribbon instead. Place in corners of the living room. If you have stoneware crocks, cut the stalks to fit and display in the crocks. Make sure corn stalks are safely out of the way of a fireplace or wood stove.

*If the weather is holding and I am lucky enough not to be using my woodstove on Thanksgiving Day, I decorate it with mums. I choose mums of all color and place the pots on top of the stove and around the front of it. I like to add my own ribbon and bows to the containers for an extra touch. If the woodstove is in use, I fill a cast iron kettle with water; add a few drops of vanilla extract and a little cranberry scented oil. The fragrance is divine.

*Thanksgiving Day table runners and placemats extend your decorating options and stimulate the spirit of the holiday in the living room. I try to purchase matching runners, placemats and napkins, which are the napkins I referred to in the wooden bowls. Placing fall-inspired runners on my coffee tables, adds to the decorative bowl arrangements. Matching placemats cover side and corner tables in the room, to bring it all together.

*Burning candles or tarts in the living room creates a spirited atmosphere on Thanksgiving Day. I make my own tarts, using soy wax, which I melt in a Pyrex measuring cup, in the microwave. I love the spicy, woodsy scent of autumn, but the aroma of crisp cranberry is my favorite at Thanksgiving. Craft stores carry soy wax and the information to make your own. It is easy and fun and is truly a personal touch when decorating.

*You will find it amazing what a little warm color can do for a living room. When Thanksgiving draws near, I have a couple 5 x 8 rugs I put down under the coffee tables. The rugs are vivid shades of orange, rust, gold and red. The rugs change the whole look of the living room. They are inexpensive rugs I purchased at Wal-Mart. However, the simple step heightens the sense I am trying to create in the living room on Thanksgiving Day.

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