Decorating for Halloween on a Budget


I never seem to have very much money this time of year probably because I have to spend so much on school clothes and supplies. I figured out a way to decorate for Halloween without spending very much money at all; usually less that twenty dollars.

  • For starters, I found an old candelabra that I hadn’t used for months! I put mini pumpkins on the candelabra and it looks awesome! The mini pumpkins are less than one dollar a piece at the grocery store!
  • If you have a printer, print out some coloring pages of Halloween stuff, have the kiddos color them, no effort and totally cheap. Put the “good” ones on the fridge or the wall or hanging off the side of the kitchen counter.
  • Ever been to the dollar store? they have awesome decorations for one dollar! Spider webs and neat things you can hang up all over the place!
  • White construction paper! Cut out ghosts, draw on eyes and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Take an old white sheet, or pillow case for smaller ghosts, cut out eyes, put a ball into the sheet (as the head) tie the ball into the sheet about where the eyes are and fasten it with a rubber band! voila! ghost!
  • Christmas lights of any color will work if you place them inside of a Mason jar or an empty milk jug! Just place the Christmas lights inside of the milk jug and draw on a spooky pumpkin face with a black sharpie!
  • Little spooky houses, usually at the dollar store.
  • Glow in the dark stars, or glow in the dark anything you can get from pretty much anywhere for around a dollar. Tape it to a pumpkin instead of dealing with all that goop, or put Christmas lights inside of a pumpkin, or a glow stick inside of a pumpkin if you don’t mind the goop!
  • Take some candy corn, if you’re okay with not eating it, grab a hot glue gun and glue the candy corn to a candle! It’s looks awesome, and smells great too when you burn it!
  • Dead flowers! We all know that flowers die rather quickly, if you have some you’ve been meaning to throw out, don’t! Get a skeleton from the dollar store and make it look like the skeleton was holding the flowers!




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