Decorating for Halloween with Flowers

4 Ways to Use Flowers in Your Halloween Decorations

From jack-o-lanterns to fake cobwebs, Halloween decorations can be gaudy and sometimes downright frightening. Take your front door display from tacky to classy with these beautiful floral Halloween decorations.

Floral Halloween Decoration 1) Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins are commonly carved into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, but sometimes the goofy glowing faces can overwhelm a doorstep. For a floral twist on the traditional carved pumpkin, display a pumpkin vase. Pumpkin vases are much easier to create than jack-o-lanterns.

Simply cut the top of the pumpkin around the stem, scoop out the inside, and clean out the seeds from the pumpkin. Fill the bottom of the pumpkin with water and use the pumpkin as a vase by filling it with freshly cut autumn flowers and decorative grasses.

Pumpkin vases are much safer to display on doorsteps than jack-o-lanterns. There are no candles to light so they do not pose a fire hazard. In addition, this floral Halloween decoration adds a pretty festive look, without the toothy pumpkin faces.

Floral Halloween Decoration 2) Pumpkin Flower Topiary

For another twist on the Halloween pumpkin, transform the pumpkin into a floral topiary. There is no need to carve the pumpkin for this floral Halloween decoration. Simply take the tops off autumn blooms such as mums, and glue them to the outside of the pumpkin. You can use all the same type of flowers or mix and match the flowers for a beautiful floral display.

These floral pumpkin topiaries can be showcased either alone or with the pumpkin vases for a beautiful front door display that can last well past Halloween!

Floral Halloween Decoration 3) Autumn Floral Wreath

Put a festive floral spin on the traditional wreath for a beautiful floral Halloween decoration. Use autumn floral favorites such as mums, sunflowers, or asters. Choose flowers that are within the Halloween color scheme, picking blooms that are orange, yellow, deep red, and brown.

Add fall leaf and small pumpkin floral picks to give this wreath a special touch. A big orange ribbon bow finishes off this beautiful floral Halloween decoration.

Wreaths don’t have to just be displayed on the front door: hang them on trees as well for a festive full yard floral display.

Floral Halloween Decoration 4) Leaf and Floral Garland

When all the neighbors are putting up the sticky tacky spider webs all over their front doors and railings, choose to put up a Halloween floral garland instead.

Many craft stores carry autumn leaf garlands. Attach fall flowers and mini pumpkin picks to add an extra Halloween embellishment to the garland. A gold ribbon can hold all the floral elements together on the garland with a hint of fall elegance.

Use the garlands around railings, door frames, or even up the mailbox post. Not only are the garlands a beautiful floral Halloween decoration, but they are also much easier to remove than those sticky fake spider webs!

Have a Floral Halloween Instead of a Frightening Holiday!

Instead of messy jack-o-lanterns, tacky spider webs, and flashy candy corn string lights, transform your doorstep into a beautiful autumn display with these floral Halloween decorations.



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