Decorating Tips for Thanksgiving: Crafts, Centerpieces and Much More!

Thanksgiving Day holiday is all about families getting together to give thanks and enjoy a delicious feast amongst each other. If your house happens to be the spot your family will be celebrating at then decorating for this bountiful holiday can be intimidating. With fall being my favorite season of the year I’ve always found easy and creative ways to decorate for the harvest season! Here are a few tips to help you get started with your

Thanksgiving decorating:

First and foremost important is setting the table. This is where everyone will congregate and it is very crucial that your Thanksgiving day table centerpiece be a high topic of conversation. Setting the table means setting the mood for your loved ones, so be sure that your table reflects the season with warm colors, fruits and vegetables: of course these are all huge factors in our harvest season. Add a seasonal tablecloth, this adds a warmly decorative feel to your table and also keeps from messy eaters ruining your beautiful piece of furniture.
Dinnerware is important of course but doesn’t necessarily have to be. However, try sticking to an off white or cream color, dark shades of orange or forest green would look great too!

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas can be easily created with just a little bit of thought. Try using a cornucopia you can purchase at hobby lobby, use fake decorative autumn colored leaves to set on the inside and then stuff the cornucopia with gourds. Small pumpkins, orange or albino would look great as well. Find a vintage, antique looking vase and stuff with fake decorative leaves then tie autumn themed ribbon around the glass. Find plain pillar candles and tie autumn themed ribbon around them as well, these candles are not to be used, but simply for decoration. These are all wonderful ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Might I add that these centerpieces look spectacular but cost little to make and with hardly any effort at all.

Mums, sunflowers or any type of autumn flower also adds a wonderful fall touch to any table. Plus your guests will enjoy the floral autumn arrangement and talk about the beauty of it! Add some acorns, weave some garland, shop at craft shops, drive by house, take a nature walk, simply doing these things will help you get a better feel of decorating for Thanksgiving.

Hopefully these ideas will help you get a better idea of how you want to decorate you table or house for Thanksgiving!

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