Decorating You Home for Halloween on a Budget

Simple Ways to Decorate Using Items from Your Home

A few simple ways to decorate your home for Halloween and still stay on budget is to use things that are around your house already. Simple things like construction paper, cookie cutters, kids toys and old Halloween costumes, when used in the right ways, can make a comfy home into a haunted house!

One idea is to go with a theme. A popular one is Pirates. You can have a house full of spooky pirates for almost nothing out of pocket. One idea is get out your black construction paper and make some pirate hats. Try this website for templates and instructions:

You can use the pirate hats either on your heads, or you can have the kids hang them on the walls. Kids always decorate the best!

To keep with this theme, use the gold or yellow construction paper to make your gold doubloons, and an old black shoe box as a treasure chest. It is best if you have a black tablecloth and place these items on it as a centerpiece. Next, go digging in your son or daughter’s toy box and take out all the play swords you can find. These will look great on the walls near the pirate hats. If you have any old ropes, you can line the ceiling or crown molding in your main room with these ropes. You can even hang them around picture frames or drape it across book shelves to get the out-to-sea feel.

Here is a cute and simple way to make your house a Haunted Pooh Bear house on a budget. If your children were or are Pooh Bear aficionados, then you should have plenty of Pooh stuffed animals and coloring books in every nook and cranny of your house. Take these coloring books, or use these coloring pages:, and color them Halloween colors. The actual pages might even be for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but if you color them in orange, black, green or purple ways, then you have instant decorations by your little artists. If they prefer to not make them scary, then take out your glue sticks and glue feathers or glitter to the pages as well to make them more of mardi gras or carnival feel. Now that you have the wall coverings complete, you need to organize the displays around the rooms. You will need to take out your construction paper again to make some masks for the assortment of Pooh friends or other stuffies. This link has a printable mask that the kids can decorate any way they like, and then place on each one of the animals placed around the room. You can even print ones for the family or for guests, too!

One last idea to decorate your house on a budget is to make a creepy haunted house inside! You will need to purchase spider webbing for this project. You drape the webbing in the corners of the room and have it hanging down to brush the tops of your guest’s heads as they walk by. Dangle the spiders from it and it is downright creepy! Also, get a lot of black fabric to use as tablecloths or table runners. If you are out of black sheets of fabric, you can use t-shirts, just fold the sleeves under and place pumpkins or gourds to hold them down. You can raid your child’s toy box again for anything creepy, like rubber snakes, spiders or even plastic ants. Take out an old record of haunted sounds and play it softly in the background. To make it all come together, purchase a few black light light bulbs from a local hardware store and replace some of your lamp bulbs with these. It was add to the creepy effect.


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