Decorating Your Living Room for Thanksgiving

When decorating for the Thanksgiving season all we really need to do is take a glance at Mother Nature. The swirling leaves, the colors of the trees, and simply feeling the chill in the air directs us to that Thanksgiving ambiance. We know Thanksgiving is near and Mother Nature tells us just what to do. We want to make things cozy and warm. We don’t want our living room to have that overstuffed feeling, but icy and aloft is just not what we look for when decorating for Thanksgiving.

A few well place pillows will change the entire look of a room. An earth toned fabric is so inviting for decorating your Living room for Thanksgiving. If you like to use throw covers they can add a nice change to the whole look of a room. Dried flower arrangements are beautiful this time of the year. Using plants that are natural to your region is a wonderful choice for your Thanksgiving decorating.

Warm tones are great to use in your decor, shades of brown and red very much like the colors of a pumpkin patch. A nice hand woven throw is good to place on a favorite chair for that cozy Thanksgiving feeling. A large arrangement of fall flowers is a nice addition for sitting under a table or in a corner near a bookcase. A few very large pillows on the floor allow that very relaxed feeling in a very lovely setting.
Curtains are always a good start to giving your Living room that Thanksgiving feel. You want to consider material, as well as color. Place cozy rugs, lovely vases and fruit bowls of crystal around the room to catch the colors of the fall flowers that you have sprinkled around your Living room. Don’t forget the green plants of the season, which are good for cleaning the air.

Lovely scents of the season and a few lovely paintings placed around the room are always a welcome addition. Baskets used as flower containers are very representative of the Thanksgiving season.
If you are fortunate enough to have the large insulated windows there is nothing more enjoyable than to allow nature’s natural beauty to come inside. I personally enjoy a puzzle table in the Living room. I find one I especially enjoy putting together during the winter months, starting with the Thanksgiving season. My friends and family love to drop in to see me and how the puzzle is going. It is such a pleasant thing to do over a chilly Thanksgiving weekend.

It is fun to rejuvenate your living room, giving it a new look for the season. The more natural the better it will look. Accessories that are made from clay and natural wood give the best atmosphere. There are silk flowers that look so close to real but natural is better. In decorating for Thanksgiving you can utilize the things that you already have by simply giving them a face lift.

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