Decorating Your Living Room with Thanksgiving Decor

10 Easy Tips

When decorating for any holiday or season, keep in mind the colors that are predominant in nature at that time. Since Thanksgiving is in autumn, use colors that are reminiscent of pumpkins, corn, pinecones, changing leaves, etc. Think about bringing in different textures to the room to create visual interest. Most of all, let your personality and tastes shine when you decorate.

Slipcover your furniture. If your furniture isn’t quite the color of fall (think in browns, oranges, etc.) consider using slipcovers to create a whole new look in your living room. Start with a basic color and use accessories to liven up the living room. Slipcovers can be found at almost any department or discount store, and many are priced very reasonably. Plus, a slipcover has the added bonus of protecting your furniture from children and pets.

Pillows and throws. Once you decide on your color of slipcovers (if you choose to use them) find a few great accent pillows in autumn colors, and a comfortable throw blanket to drape over the end of your couch, or stack a few in a cute wicker basket next to the couch or chairs. This adds a great look and cozy feeling to your living room.

End tables. If you have end tables in your living room, buy some seasonal fabric and cover the table or create a runner to add a creative look to your living room. If you have small children in the house and you’re afraid they would grab the fabric and pull it down, put a cute placemat on top of the table that doesn’t hang down. Fabric against wooden furniture adds texture and interest to the room.

Fireplace and mantel. If you have a fireplace in your living room, nothing says warm and cozy like a fire at Thanksgiving. Decorate your mantel with leaves, candles, autumn artwork, or anything that suits your taste and style. If you have a fireplace but it doesn’t work, consider setting up a display inside the fireplace with either candles or seasonal plants.

Artwork and wreaths. Change artwork on the walls for seasonal artwork or wreaths. You can find great prices at discount stores. Even places like Goodwill have items that just might work for your purposes. It never hurts to go and check out what the selection is at discount outlets. A seasonal wreath on the wall made from natural items like pinecones, acorns, twigs, etc. is a great addition to any Thanksgiving themed room.

Plants. Bring in the outdoors and create a country Thanksgiving with plants and items from nature. If you have some potted plants outdoors, bring those in to create a wonderful feeling of nature inside. Or, consider cutting twigs, branches, and grasses to put in vases.

Seasonal magazines and books. Display a few magazines and books on end tables around the room so guests can look at them if they’d like. They add a great accent to the room and are quite useful to quickly grab and look through.
Decorations. Find a few good quality Thanksgiving decorations. Maybe a unique turkey or an overflowing cornucopia would go perfect on your coffee table. Look for things that showcase your personality and match the tone of your home.

Candles. As long as you don’t have to worry about pets or children knocking them over, set out fall candles. They add a great smell to the home and look beautiful when they give off a glow in the evening. Find great fall scents like pumpkin, apple pie, or spice.

Rugs & Window Treatments. Finally, if you have hardwood floors and you use rugs, look for a few seasonal rugs to replace the ones you have down. If that isn’t an option, look to the windows to add a bit more color in the room. If you don’t want to replace your window treatments, add garland at the top to spice them up a bit. A matching garland across the doorway and fireplace will really tie the room together.

Have fun decorating your living room for Thanksgiving, and remember to let your personality shine through.

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