Decorating Your Porch for Halloween

Do you love Halloween and gardening? If you do then you can combine your love for this spooky time of year and celebrate the festivities by decorating your garden and front porch for this special occasion.

First, decide if you want your design to be in the front or back of your home. Most people will pick the front because it is the primary place where they receive trick or treaters, but you may be different and just want to decorate for your own pleasure.

Use pumpkins to decorate the front porch. Pick out different sizes as well as different colors to work with. Use some paint, stencils and glitter to create some pretty pumpkin decorations.

Paint some pretty gold or different colored polka dots on your orange or white pumpkins and add some glitter with glue to the tops and let the glitter trail down to make the pumpkins really stand out and look pretty at night time.
The sparkles will help add a whimsical look to your pretty pumpkins.

Mix the white pumpkins with orange for a pretty color combination. A great idea is to get a bale of hay and sit it on your front porch. Arrange the pumpkins on the hay and on the floor beside it. You can also try placing some of those cute pumpkins to a wooden wheelbarrow planter or even a real wheelbarrow!

After the pumpkins are place, you might also want to add some scary props or something not so creepy. You can choose a pretty scare crow. You can easily use some of the hay to stuff some old clothes or you can just use other clothes to stuff inside an old pair of trousers to fill them out!
Get a nice hat and sit it on top of the scare crow’s head. Use something to support the scare crow.
You can either use some pumpkins or something else that is a little heavier like a brick or learn it up against a garden planter. You could also choose to sit it on a garden chair or bench.

To create a darker look you could try making a scary looking witch scarecrow. Use some dark clothes and stuff them as you would a normal scarecrow. Go to your nearest party store and look for a scary witch mask. Use the mask as the face for your witch scarecrow.

You could also get find a large black pot and get some dry ice and place it inside to give the appearance of a boiling pot cooking something creepy. This cute display is sure to get the kids excited to visit your front door and you will have fun arranging it.



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