Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table: Ten Tips

Decorating the Thanksgiving table can be a tough situation. What you do for decorating may change the minds of many. This article was created to help relieve that “brain fart” on what to do.

Tip #1: Space

Don’t be cluttered. Choose small but noticeable objects to put on a table.

Try pine cones, small toy turkeys, outdoor items, etc.

Tip #2: Color

When you think about Thanksgiving there are colors that pop into your head. Just think about a turkey (a live turkey) and its colors.You have brown, tan, maroon, red, yellow, orange and even some light blues. Use these colors for table cloths, curtains, napkins, seat-pads, candles and the china you use.

Tip #3: Keep family close

Family feels more like family when they’re together. Start at the end of the table. Try to put the family in generation order, then oldest to youngest. It makes it interesting to see how it unfolds especially in families which come together grandparents to grandchildren.

Tip #4: Tags for seating a quick and easy way to find a seat.

All that you have to do to create seating ease, is to revert to tip 3 and get 3×5 index cards. Just do a nice design in script or print of names with a little art fold in half, almost like a name plate for an executive desk, and put it on a dish.

Tip #5: Thanksgiving is not Christmas!

You don’t need fancy lights and huge outdoor displays. Thanksgiving is for friends and family giving thanks. If you would really like to have an outdoor display, have a table with a group of “people” sitting around it. Just like how it is in side.

Tip #6: In home colors.

Sometimes people change the theme of their home. Try changing the drapes and curtains, to more fall colors especially around the table and the living room.

Tip #7: Food displays

When people think decorating the table they think as was said above. There was something overlooked. Food can be displayed in a very thoughtful way as well. Just picture even the cheapest processed and packaged cheese and making it into a work of art. Start in the middle of the plate with one square piece. Then turn the next piece 45o and put it on top of the first, continue as desired.

Tip #8: Place mats with personality.

This is one of the easiest tips to complete. All you need to do is purchase or create place mats with feelings of Thanksgiving on them. Although it may be less stressful and time consuming to buy them, it can also be a lot of family fun Thanksgiving morning or afternoon. All you need is poster board and markers, colored pencils, paint or anything else you would like to use. Create your own design or get templates for designs which you can set over the paper and use as a stencil.

Tip #9: Under the table.

Under the table think about putting a fall related carpet or rug. Again, fall colors and/or Thanksgiving theme.

ip #10: Decoration compilation

Have each friend or family member bring in a specific thing, but that specific thing may be altered in any way (try to keep it appropriate). You will see creativity and variety at your Thanksgiving table. Almost like the Native Americans and Pilgrims. All of their differences came together into one big Thanksgiving dinner

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