DIY Easy Halloween Decorations

You Can Do Make Own Decorations with Very Little Money Spent

Granted if you’re a frugal shopper you know that the Target after Holiday sales are where to go for disocunt decorations. They go down to 90% off a few weeks after Halloween. Granted not evrything you are looking for will still be there but you can still save a bundle on decorations and costumes.

If you want to save more money make your own decorations.


Cheese cloth
Bunched up tin foil
Pencil, piece of wire or a skewer (I use Bamboo thin skewers)

Pour your strarch into a bowl. Soak your cheesecloth in the liquid starch
Bunch up the tinfoil and poke the stick or pencil through it (in the arm area).
Drape thie cheesecloth over bunched up tinfoil so it makes a ghost like shape
Let dry

You have a ghost!

Small white Tree Ghosts

Pieces of white sheeting
Magic Marker
Ping Pong Ball or Styrfoam 3″ balls

Cut squares of white sheeting. Wrap your piece over the ping pong ball. Tie off under the ball. Draw two black eyes. Hang from a tree limb, preferably all over the tree

Tomb Stones

Rectangular Styrofoam as big or as little as you want your headstone to be

Cut the top of your rectangle into an arch

Write your sayings on the “headstone”

“Here Lies Bob” etc etc
He was never home
Hope he’s buried with
His cell phone or anything funny

Black Feather Wreath

Styrofoam Wreath
Bags of Feathers (You’ll need at least 5 bags depends on size of wreath) Orange works well too

Buy a bag of black feathers at any Jo Ann’s or Ragg SHop/Craft store
Use Elmers glue or hot glue and attach to a styrofoam wreath shape

Acorn garland

String or wire

If you live in an area with lots of acorns begin collecting them
Drill holes in them, String them and hang wherever you like.

You can also glue them to styrofoam wreath forms and they work for Thanksgiving and Halloween

Cat Litter Cake

White and German Coc. Cake Mixes
Tootsie Rolls
Rectangular Baking Dish or plastic pan
Clean liner paper
Bake the cakes according to directions
Insert the baked cake into your “litter” pan
Crumble it up so it looks like litter
Soften tootsie rolls so there are no hard edges
Drape some of the tootsie rolls over the edge of the pan as well as having them poke out of the mix here and there

Leaves & Bugs

Collect Autumn leaves
Wax Paper
Plastic Dolar Store Spiders

Iron the leaves between sheets of wax paper. This will preserve them and you can scatter them on your table if you’re having a party. These can also be used to create a nice wreath. For the Halloween spin on this go to the Dollar store and buy plastic spiders and glue them onto the leaves.

You can use the tacky stickers from a stationery store to stick a few of these spiders onto your doors or toilet lid

Stick one to whatever you’re wearing and walk around like that, see if anyone notices.



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