Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Easy, Inexpensive and Fun Halloween Crafts to Do at Home with Your Kids

Halloween is coming! If you’re looking for some fun and simple Halloween crafts to do with your children, here are some great ideas that can fit even the smallest budget.

Paper Bag Pumpkins: This is an old tried and true project that kids continue to love. You can use any sized paper bag for this craft, but I recommend the lunch sack size as they are easier for small kids to handle. You will need:

Paper Bags

Orange, green and Black paint, crayons or felt tip markers

Some kind of stuffing- either newspaper or plastic grocery bags

Rubber bands, twisty ties, string or green pipe cleaners

Start by having your kids design a Jack-O-Lantern face, and draw it on the lower half of the front of the bag in black ink, crayon or paint. Then, have them color/paint the rest of the bag orange with about one inch of green at the top for the stem. Then, open the bags and stuff them about half to 2/3 full with the newspaper or plastic grocery bags. Twist the bag tops closed, and tie off with string, twisty tie, pipe cleaner or rubber band. Voila! You have fun decorations that your kids will be so proud of. When Halloween is over, you can open up the pumpkin bags and recycle the parts.

Kleenex Ghosts: This one was a favorite of my daughter’s when she was little. Our whole house was filled with her little ghosts come Halloween. You will need:

A box of white Kleenex tissues

A black felt tip pen (Fine Point)

Sewing Thread and Needle

Round lollipops (optional)

Small white Pipe Cleaners or White Dental Floss (optional)

Pick out two Kleenex tissues from the box. Lay one opened out flat on your work surface, and wad one tissue up into a ball; then place it in the center of the first one. Gather the flat tissue up around the balled up one, tying it off just under the “ball” with sewing thread. Leave a long tail on the sewing thread, as this is what you will use to hang your decoration with. Next take the black marker and make a scary or happy face on the “head” of your little ghost. Thread a needle onto the long tail of thread (parents should do this part, unless your child is skilled with a needle) and run the needle up the middle of the ghost head, from bottom to top, so the thread comes out the top. Remove the needle, and your little spooky friend is ready to hang from trees, lamps, indoor plants or just about anything you can tie a thread to. For a twist on this project, take a round headed lollipop, wrap a white tissue around it and tie it off just under the candy ball, leaving the stick sticking out. Tie the ‘head’ off with string, dental floss or a small white pipe cleaner and make your face on it with your marker. Now you have clever goodies to hand out as trick-or-treats or to stick into a Halloween cupcake. Once your kids get the hang of this, you’ll have your house filled with ghosts in no time.

Halloween Picture Frames: This is a great project for kids of all ages. After you’ve slaved away at the sewing machine or spent countless amounts of money at the Halloween store, you’ll want to keep a picture of your kids in their costumes, and what better way to display them than in a Halloween frame. You’ll need:

Craft Sticks or Popsicle Sticks (can be purchased at craft stores or www.JoAnn.com under Craft Supplies)

Any kind of Halloween beads, buttons, candy, sequins, foam shapes or fabric bits.

White glue (that dries clear), or low-temp hot glue guns

Glue your craft sticks into squares or rectangles to make the actual picture frames. I usually use one or two sticks per side. Let them dry. (If you’re using hot glue, they won’t need to dry.) Then, let your kids go crazy gluing their chosen decorations all around the sides of their frames. Let them be as generous or sparing as they want. If they’re older, let them use the low temp glue guns but younger kids will need to use white glue that dries clear. Let the finished frames dry on paper plates as not to get goo on your good table top.

When frames are done, you can glue or tape your favorite Halloween pictures to the back of the frame (so the picture shows out the front). Attach string or thread to hang your treasure on a wall, or glue a magnet on the back to stick to the fridge. If you would like your frame to stand up on a table, take a large sized paper clip, bend it open to an ‘L’ shape and glue or tape one side of it to the back of the frame at the bottom. Do this for both left and right sides and voila, you have instant frame stands.

Many expensive craft kits are available in craft stores, but sometimes the best memories are made from the most inexpensive things. I’ve used these craft ideas with school groups, my scout troop and with my daughter and her friends at home. The kids always have fun making them which adds to the holiday experience. Have a great Halloween everybody!


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