Easy Halloween Crafts – Homemade Decorations

The weather is getting colder, the rain never seems to stop and the kids are stuck inside driving you nuts! Here are some Halloween craft ideas that will relieve some boredom and create some wonderful memories for your family. I tried to put together the ones that I found to be the easiest and the least expensive because right now, no one I know has any money!

These are crafts I do with my son and nephews. They really seem to enjoy them and along the way they come up with their own ideas. Nothing makes me happier than to see a child’s imagination at work!

The one we enjoy the most is the glue ghost. Kids love to play with glue and there really are no rules to this craft. All you need is wax paper, glue and anything you can find around the house to make eyes, decorate ghosts etc. We use the little wiggly eyes because we have them, but if you don’t have them, something cool to do is take the crayon shavings from the crayon sharpener and use them for eyes, decorations, mouths and whatever else you want to put on your ghost.

You simply pour a thin layer of glue on the wax paper, decorate and wait for it to dry. Then you peel the ghost off, put a hole in the top to hang it and thread some string through the hole! Voila! Hang around the house and enjoy! If you don’t have wax paper then you can use tissue paper or any other kind, but the ghost won’t peel off of it. You cut around the edges and follow the same instructions as if you peeled the ghost. If you are going to use the non wax paper method then I recommend using some type of colored paper, like tissue paper or colored school paper. In this way, the kids can get even more enjoyment as they color regular paper to use for their ghosts!

Another great idea uses up all those little plastic bags you have stuffed somewhere in your house and maybe even some magazines or newspapers.
I’m going to give you the basic idea and then some variations on it. For the original idea you will need a magic marker, scissors, plastic bags, string and old newspapers. Lay the plastic bag flat and make short cuts on the bottom of the bag. Draw a face on the bag with the marker. Stuff the top of the bag with crumpled newspaper. Tie a string around the “neck”. Hang the ghost from a tree and watch the ghost sway with the breeze!

Now, another way to do this is to out a hanger inside the head to give the “ghost” shoulders and have something to hang it with. You can also decorate a paper plate and glue it to the “face” of the ghost so that the face is on the plate rather than the plastic. You may even want to staple the plate so you don’t have to worry about the glue being washed away by the rain.

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