Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween is a holiday that allows people to make creative things for their celebrations. Items crafted for Halloween typically feature orange and black coloring. Ghosts, bats, pumpkins and anything scary or gory are appropriate. People decorate their homes, their bodies and their food on Halloween. Creating fun things for Halloween will lift a person’s holiday spirit.

Cupcake Toppers

When you are baking for Halloween, print or draw cupcake toppers. Make your toppers on unlined, white paper. Your cupcake toppers should contain a variety of bats, ghosts and pumpkins. Color your cupcake toppers and lay them gently on top of the frosting. Remember to tell guests to remove the cupcake toppers before eating the cupcakes.

Countdown Calendar

Celebrate Halloween with a countdown calendar. You can easily make a countdown calendar that children will enjoy. You will need two pieces of cardboard or poster board. These will be the front and back of the calendar. Decorate the front, back, sides and the inside of the calendar with a Halloween theme of your choice. Remember to make windows that the children can open as the days pass. Your children can open the windows to reveal a picture or you can glue individual pieces of wrapped candy behind the windows for your children to enjoy.

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, play Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin for Halloween. Invite children to draw and decorate pumpkin noses. Simply color and cut out a pumpkin, along with several noses. Cover the paper pumpkin in clear tape; this ensures easy removal of the noses during play. Tape the pumpkin on a wall that players can easily reach. Blindfold each player when it is his turn and spin him around a few times. Point the player in the direction of the pumpkin and watch as the player tries to pin the nose on the pumpkin.


Show your creative side by creating your own Halloween costume. Create a theme costume for your family or individual costumes. Try to create a costume with items that you have around your home instead of purchased items.

Window Decorations

Many children love to color pictures. Instead of buying window clings for decorating your home or office, allow your children to color them. Tape the pictures to your windows with the colored picture facing out so guests will see them as they approach your home.

Party Food

Food can be an enjoyable thing to create for Halloween. You have the option of creating gross-looking food or themed food. Make gooey eyeballs, kitty litter cake (complete with tootsie rolls) or anything that will gross out your guests at the party. A clean, new kitty litter box and scoop are used for this cake. According to FabulousFoods.com, this cake frightfully resembles a well-used kitty litter box but is actually delicious, and is perfect to serve on Halloween.



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