Easy Halloween Decorations

Draw Guests to Your Table with Unique DIY Projects

Since most gatherings involve the consumption of countless delectable treats, you’ll need a festive centerpiece to draw your guests in. Here you’ll find some ideas to get you started.

Head to your local farmer’s market. Mini pumpkins, gourds and even squash make a fun table topper when grouped together. Keep it natural or draw scary faces with permanent marker.

Scour the thrift shop for taper candle holders. Old, tarnished metal will look great with the rest of your Halloween decor. If you find a group of holders in various materials, colors and sizes, go ahead and purchase them. You can either have an eclectic look, or spray paint them all black to create a cohesive grouping. Buy taper candles to fill the holders. White, black, red or orange are all perfect colors for the occasion. For a fun effect, drip hot wax from a red candle down over the top of a white or black candle for a ‘blood’ effect, allowing it to drop onto the holder as well. Be careful not to burn yourself, this isn’t a project for the kids!

Flea markets often carry scores of old black and white or sepia toned family photographs. Select a group of particularly spooky pictures and hang them over your serving table. Create fun family name tags for each photo (Uncle Frank, Cousin Sarah, etc.) For an extra creepy effect, stretch gently torn cheese cloth across the wall behind the photos to mimic a spider web and simply attach the ends to whatever medium you choose to hang your creepy pictures. Glue plastic spiders throughout. Feel free to cover your serving table with cheese cloth and other creepy crawlies.

Who doesn’t love an edible centerpiece? Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies! Make mini sandwiches into the shape of ghosts, pumpkins, bats, or whatever you can find. Pumpernickel and rye breads make fantastic bats. White and sour dough breads are great for ghosts. Be sure to cut your sandwich fillings into the same shapes. To keep it simple, stick to solid cheeses and cold-cut style meats. For something sweet, glass jars filled with colorful candy make a great focal point.

For a witchy effect, pick up a simple witch’s hat from a costume shop and place over a jar or wine bottle to keep it upright. Prop an old whisk broom against the wall behind it. If you don’t have a broom on hand, fashion one out of a long, knobby stick, some straw and rope for an authentic look. If you can find an old pair of pointy toed shoes at the thrift shop, place them below and on either side of the hat.

The general rule is to keep scale in mind. You don’t want your centerpiece to take up half the table or crowd the food. If you are having a costume party with a theme, find items that coordinate. The idea is to keep it fun, imaginative and inexpensive.

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