Easy Halloween Party Craft for Kids

Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids of All Ages!

Halloween crafts don’t have to be scary or even difficult. Here is a favorite craft that is not only easy, but is a great way for parents to see the growth of their children each year. These cute little ghosts can be made with any age, even adults and require a supply list that you might already have in your home.

Black construction paper or scrapbook paper
White washable paint (plain or the type that glows in the dark)
A paint brush (small to medium size)
A black magic or permanent marker
Scissors to trim the ghost when it is dry
A plate or pie tin to put paint in for the project
Bowl or bucket of water to wash paint off of feet
Towel for drying off freshly washed feet

How to make your ghost

Place a good amount of white paint onto a plate (paper is fine) or pie tin. Place your black paper on the floor. Have the child or adult remove their shoes and socks. There foot needs to be dry before dipping it in the paint. Have the child, from a standing position dip their foot directly into the paint. You may need to have a chair or counter top near by so the child has something to hold onto so they will not loose their balance. Remove their foot and use the paint brush to cover any places on the bottom of the foot that is not covered with the white paint. Place the child’s foot onto the black paper and lightly press down. You want to make sure they do not move their feet or the paint will smear. Usually you will need to press a little on the child’s toes to make sure they make full contact with the paper. Lift the child’s foot from the paper and place it next to their first white print to make another print. You may be able to get two or three prints from one application of paint. When you are done clean the child’s foot off and dry it. Place your paper with your foot prints on them on a counter or table to dry. Sometimes this takes up to 8 hours.

Once your foot prints are dry, cut around the shape of the foot. Next take a black marker and draw two large eyes on the heal of the foot print. You can also use the small “google eye” available at most craft stores. Now you have your own little ghosts to hang around the house!

Do this craft every year and have a great memory of how much your child has grown from Halloween to Halloween.



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