Easy Halloween Projects for Kids

These Are Some Simple Food and Art Craft Ideas to Do with Your Kids

It’s almost that time of year again! That’s right, you guessed it – Halloween! And I’ve got a couple of neat project ideas you can do with your kids. The projects are pretty cheap in cost and fairly easy to do, although, a few may need a parent’s helping hand. These projects are a great way to get your child involved with decorating and the such for Halloween. And hey, the parents will have fun, too.

Oreo Spider
For this project you will need: an Oreo, 8 pretzel sticks, peanut butter, 2 M’Ms
Lay your Oreo flat on a table. On each side of the Oreo, stick in 4 pretzel sticks to resemble a spider. On top of the Oreo, at the very front edge, put 2 small drops of peanut butter down right next to each other. Now, stick the 2 M’Ms in place. Enjoy!

Ghost Lollipop
For this project you will need: a lollipop (either a Dum-Dum or a Tootsie Pop will do), a tissue (Kleenex), a twisty-tie or a small piece of orange yarn, a black marker
Hold the lollipop with the sucker end sticking up. Place the center of the tissue down over the head of the lollipop and tie in place with a twisty-tie or the yarn. Now, decorate the head with a marker to resemble a ghost. (This makes a great treat to hand out to trick-or-treaters.)

Apple and M’Ms Pumpkin
For this project you will need: half an apple (doesn’t matter if cut around the center or down from the stem), peanut butter, black and orange M’Ms
First, lay your half down on the table. “Paint” the “inside” (non-red) side of the apple with peanut butter. Place the M’Ms down in the peanut butter until you have a pumpkin face complete. Eat and enjoy!

Leaves Imprint Pictures
For this project you will need: leaves of any kind, paint brush and acrylic paints in fall colors, construction paper (white or a light color)
Paint each leaf with any paint color and then press the leaf down onto the paper until it leaves an imprint. Hang picture up when dry.

Styrofoam Pumpkin
For this project you will need: a Styrofoam ball (about the size of an orange or grapefruit), orange spray paint, black felt or black permanent marker, milk cap, a thumb tack (if the cap doesn’t stay with glue), hot glue or super glue (depends which will hold the felt or cap better, green ribbon, newspaper, scissors (maybe), a parents help (for the gluing and spray painting)
First, spray paint the ball orange and let dry on newspapers (dry time depends on the paint). Decorate the pumpkin with 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth either with the marker or by gluing felt pieces in place. Next, glue green ribbon on top by their tips and let the rest of the ribbon hang down (or tie in a bow on top). For the milk cap, place the flat end against the pumpkin and glue in place with either hot glue or super glue (if this doesn’t work, tack the cap in place. Now, you have a cute, stand-up pumpkin!

Spooky “Eyes” Picture
For this project you will need: a printer paper box lid (any size – about 12x8x2 is good), another lid smaller than the first (by about half the size), white construction paper, markers, scissors, packaging tape, a parent’s help
First, cover the “top” side of the big lid with construction paper. Then decorate the paper with a scary face design. Where ever you put the eyes, just draw 2 big outlines for the eyes (do not fill in). Next, with a parent’s help, cut out the eyes. On the smaller lid, on the inside part, towards the top, draw two scary eyes (make sure they are placed the same distance apart and are the same size as the eye holes on the other lid. Match the eyes up under the holes of the other lid and tap the small lid in place. Now, hang up the picture and be spooked by a pair of eyes following you everywhere!

Stand-Up Haunted House
For this project you will need: a sheet of black construction paper, pieces of white, orange, yellow, and brown construction paper, glue and scissors, markers, tissue (Kleenex)
First, fold both ends of the black construction paper into the middle. Turn over the paper and decorate the front like a haunted house. (You can tear the tissue into a small piece and decorate it like a ghost.) For “open-flap” windows and doors, fold small pieces of paper in half and glue in place. You can also glue a “dead” tree behind the house (behind the flaps, on the inside) or on the side of the house and a yellow moon with a bat in it (up on top). Now, stand up the house, and you have a spooky, haunted house!

String of “Bell” Pumpkins
For this project you will need: an egg carton (biggest size the best), orange acrylic paint, black permanent marker, green yarn, scissors, newspapers, something to poke a small hole with, tacks, a parent’s help
This project can be a little tricky. First cut out as many “bell” pumpkin heads as you can (if the back side is missing on some, it’s okay – as long as there is a top still (the bottom of the carton) and at least three sides. Paint each head with paint and let dry. Then, give each head a face using the marker. Now, carefully poke a hole in the top, just big enough for yarn to get through. Measure out about 8 inches of yarn for each head. Carefully push the yarn through each hole and tie into a ball on the underside. Now, measure out about 3 feet of yarn (or how ever long you want it). Tie each string and bell to the long string. Now, hang up the string and tack in place!

Now you have it – a couple of neat projects to do with your kids, and some of them they can even do on their own. You’ve also now got a head start on Halloween! Happy Halloween!

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