Easy Pumpkin Carving Stencils Online

Halloween is almost upon us. The most fun aspect of Halloween, other than your neighbors giving out all that free candy, is carving the pumpkin. The first step is choosing a pumpkin. It’s best to choose your pumpkin carving template before you choose your pumpkin. Print it out and take it with you so you can find a pumpkin that fits your template. Choose a pumpkin with a flat bottom, strong stem, and skin with no cuts or dings. Make sure your pumpkin doesn’t rattle or slosh when you shake it. When you cut the top off the pumpkin, angle your knife in toward the center and cut a notch in a small “v” shape coming out. This way your top won’t fall through and you will be able to tell how the top goes on. When actually carving your pumpkin, hold your carving tool like you would a pencil. This gives you great control and prevents slipping and jerking. Now that you know the basics of pumpkin carving, here of the ten best easy templates you can print out at home:

  1. www.cyberhaunt.com offers twenty downloadable pumpkin carving templates in three categories: Classic Faces, Monster Faces, and Miscellaneous. These templates are super easy to cut out. My favorites are “Classic 5” and “killer clown”. Both of these faces require little skill to create and true to the Halloween Spirit, they’re both scary.
  2. Scooby, Scooby Doo where are you? Scooby Doo is hugely popular in my house. This pirate pattern. Carve this into their pumpkin and your little pirates won’t make you walk the plank…this year. Remember, you cut out the grey parts.
  3. The HP.comoffers a few easy pumpkin carving templates, including a bat in flight, a simple spider, and a silly face that sticks its tongue out at trick-or-treaters.
  4. I love this skeletal face with a saucy wink. It’s reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas, playful and spooky at the same time.
  5. You can’t have a Halloween without Frankenstein. I love this eHow.com includes tons of pumpkin carving tips and templates for you to create a monogrammed pumpkin. This would make a great porch marker or Thanksgiving or Halloween party decoration.
  6. From Spookmaster, I really like the Night Watchman which is a gargoyle image. Spookmaster says the difficulty of this pattern is moderate, but if it is, it’s definitely on the easy side of moderate.



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