Easy-to-Do Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner, and as you begin planning for your annual house party, here are some great decoration ideas to add that special “haunting” to this year’s party:

  • Pumpkin Punch Bowl – Find a round (not tall) pumpkin. Carve a hole in the top and, using an ice cream scoop, shave down and remove the insides until the sides are smooth and the bottom is smooth and clean. Remove and discard all the seeds and insides. Pour in your favorite punch mix and add a few cubes of dry ice to create smoke. Add a ladle and you’re ready to go. Add more dry ice throughout the party to keep the punch bowl smoking.
  • Wacky Cupcakes – Prepare cupcake mix as directed on the box and fill cupcake paper cups as normal. Drop into the center of each a small cinnamon gel candy. During baking, the heat will melt the candy and it will reform during cooling. Icing as normal. The end result will be a bite-size surprise of gooey deliciousness.
  • Pumpkin Snack Bowls – Here’s the perfect use for small pumpkins. Rather then just sit them around as decorations, carefully remove the top half. Clean and remove all inside seeds and scrapings. Allow the top half to dry. Line the bottom half with a square of holiday-themed fabric or a plastic decoration sheet. These “bowls” can then be used to serve snacks, candy or be filled for autumn flowers.
  • True Blood Cupcakes – According to The Cake Critic, this is an amazing addition to any Halloween party – and no Halloween party is complete without cupcakes of all kinds. A creation of Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford, NJ, these are the perfect vampire addition to your Halloween party. Easily made from home, these cherry liqueur cupcakes have a cherry pie filling and Buttercream topping – unusual enough to impress any Halloween guest.



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