Elegant Halloween Party Ideas

Easy to Make Halloween Decorations for Adult Parties

Despite what you may think, Halloween is not just for kids out trick or treating for candy! Halloween is also more than scary mummies and witches brew. Halloween can be an elegant affair and what better way to celebrate with other adults than with an elegant Halloween party?

Here are some Halloween decorations that will leave your house looking decorated for Halloween, but not over-done.

Pretty Pumpkins:
You can decorate a pumpkin for Halloween without having to go to all the trouble of carving and scooping out pumpkin innards. Make several of these in various sizes. Set them around your home or on your porch. You can even use the mini-sized pumpkins and use them for place card markers for your dining room table.

For each pumpkin you will need:
Pumpkin-any size

Toile fabric (this is net-type fabric)-any color works, but for added effect, look for the shimmery kind. Try this in gold or even purple.

Sheer ribbon to match tulle

Large rhinestones

Glue gun

Begin by placing your pumpkin in the middle of the fabric and bring it up around the stem. Tie the top with your ribbon and trim the fabric to give it a pretty look. Use your hot glue gun to attach the rhinestones all over the outside of the fabric. Now you have a pretty and elegant Halloween pumpkin.

You can do the same type of thing using pumpkins, but not wrapping it in the fabric. Instead, hot glue the rhinestones, feather boas and glitter directly to the pumpkin.

Dead Tree:
If you have a blank spot in your home that you need to fill with a quick and easy (and elegant) Halloween decoration, here is your answer.

Locate a very large branch from a tree that has fallen to the ground. Make sure it has no leaves attached. Use black spray paint to paint the entire branch. Use a large coffee can filled with sand or rocks to anchor the branch into the can. If you have time, you can also use concrete for a lasting decoration. Now, all you need to do is to add a string of white Christmas lights to your dead tree. If you want, you can add spider webs to the branches. Place it on your porch or in the corner of your dining room for your guests to enjoy.

Halloween Table Centerpiece:
This centerpiece will have your table looking frightfully elegant.

You will need:
One old candleholder (the larger the better-find one that can hold several tall taper candles)

Melt the wax on the stove. Place the candles in the candleholder. When the wax is melted, set the candleholder on a large, covered work surface. Use an empty can to pour the melted wax on the candles so that it drips down and onto the candleholder. Pour the wax slowly so that it resembles a haunted house-type candelabrum.

Spider Web Tablecloth:
You do not have to have a cutesy Halloween-themed tablecloth for your Halloween party. Netting is always pretty and you can use it to your advantage for your dining room table.

You will need to purchase white toile fabric. Make sure you get enough to cover your table and enough to drape on the sides of the table, too. Begin by placing a solid orange or black tablecloth on your table. Now, cover that with a layer of toile. You can easily trim it to fit your table. For the edges of the table, gather a long piece and cinch it in the center (thread works well). Now, fasten this to your tablecloth. You can either sew it in place or use a hot glue gun. Use small plastic spiders to place randomly on the table. Very elegant, yet scary!

Use these ideas the next time you want to throw a Halloween bash, but do not want to fill your home with cute witches, ghosts and ghouls.



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