Essential Halloween Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

Halloween is a great time of the year to exercise the creative flair within yourself and your children. With Halloween around the corner it’s time to start storming up some great Halloween activities for kids for the home or classroom. Here is a guide featuring several Halloween crafts for kids that you could consider incorporating into your Halloween craft projects this year. Regardless the age of the child, each of the Halloween craft ideas listed below has fun and safety in mind for them.

Trick or Treat Bags – Having the kids create their own custom trick or treat bags is one fun and useful selection from an assortment of possible Halloween craft activities for kids, which can also be utilized to add some safety for their upcoming trick or treating on All Hallows Eve. You’ll want to get some plain white or black cloth canvas tote bags (One for each child), such as what ECOBAGS offers from their online store. Some grocery chain stores like Vons also are also starting to carry these types of bags, so if you start asking for those every time you shop, you might save a bit of money for this project. Next you’ll need some sheets of velvet or cloth from the craft store, as well as some craft glue, glitter paint, glow in the dark paint, and some safety scissors for the kids to use. You can then have the kids cut out shapes from the velvet sheets such as spooky eyes and mouths, and glue them to the front and back of the bags so each bag has a great Halloween themed face. The kids can use black shapes on the white bags to create ghost or skeleton faces, and green, yellow, or orange colored shapes on the black bags to make a Halloween pumpkin, Frankenstein, or wicked with faces. Use the glow in the dark and glitter paints to accent the shapes now glued onto the bags as further decoration for this Halloween craft, as these materials will also lend some reflective and/or light-up properties to the bags which will add some important safety for them while their out trick or treating.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest – A good old fashioned Pumpkin Decorating Contest is an essential element amongst any Halloween crafts for kids activity. There are a couple of different ways you can go with this fun Halloween activity for kids. If the children are older, you can get a few sets of safety minded pumpkin carvers along with some adult supervision. But if safety is an utmost concern of yours, you can also have the kids decorate the pumpkins instead with simply craft supplies, such as various colorful acrylic and glitter paints, colored yarn for hair and hats, and stickers featuring spooky eyes and other facial features should be easily found at most any craft store this time of year. Make a trip to the local grocery store, or even make it a group trip with the kids and hit up the local pumpkin patch for a lot of pumpkins. Have a contest with plenty of various award categories such as most scary pumpkin, most creative pumpkin, most pretty pumpkin, etc. Then have a bunch of award ribbons to hand out for 1st prize on down so that EVERY child will get a ribbon and not feel left out.

Glow In The Dark Ghost – Here’s a simple and sure fire hit to add into your kids Halloween craft projects. Get a bunch of cheap cheesecloth from the craft store along with a plentiful batch of some kid friendly non toxic glow in the dark fabric paint, and some adhesive backed “googly” eyes. Cut the cheesecloth into evenly sized squares of at least one square foot. Crumple up a sheet of paper into a small ball, place it in the middle of each square of fabric, then twist the fabric around a couple of times around the ball, and tie it off with some string. You should have a ghost like shape that the kids can paint with the glow in the dark paint and add their own custom looking spooky or silly ghost faces. You can use fasten a small safety pin to the top of each ghosts head with a bit of string or fishing line when completed in order to hang them up from the ceiling to dry and be displayed. Alternatively, you could have a display area with some black-lights, and use fluorescent colored paints as well so that the kids can create vibrant looking multi colored ghosts which will glow spectacularly under the black-lighting.



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