Fabulous, Unique Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. It is also a time that we want our homes to look their best. A fabulous Thanksgiving table starts with a fabulous centerpiece. Here are some unique Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas for you to try. A group of pumpkin candles makes for an interesting centerpiece. Buy 5 or more mini pumpkins. Using a corer, remove the center of the pumpkin being careful not to go all the way through the bottom of the pumpkins. The hole should be wide enough for a taper candle to fit in snuggly. Place the tapers into the hole. Arrange on the table and surround with artificial foliage in fall colors. For a dramatic effect, use small terra cotta flower pots in various sizes and stagger the heights of the candles by placing the pumpkins on top of overturned pots. You can use hot glue to secure them.

Another unique Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is a papier-mâché turkey. I like this one because the kids can help. You can either buy papier-mâché mix or make your own with newspaper strips, flour and water. The purchased mix will be easier to mold and it will result in a smoother finish. Start with a balloon. This will be the turkey’s body. Make it as large as you desire, but keep the table size in mind. Inflate the balloon and cover it with papier-mâché. If you are using store bought, follow the mixing directions. To make your own, cut newspaper into long 1 inch wide strips. Then mix flour and water together until it resembles a runny paste. Dip the strips in this mix and place over the balloon, smoothing out any wrinkles. Make a tail from fall colored construction paper or you can use fall colored craft feathers for a more unique tough. I usually buy an inexpensive crepe paper turkey centerpiece and cut the head off of it to use with my papier-mâché turkey. If you desire you can make one out of paper or construct one with papier-mâché. The turkey body should take 24 hours to dry. Then you can paint it. Before painting, stick a needle into the body to pop the balloon. After the paint dries, seal it with a coat of clear acrylic or Mod Podge™. Allow to dry completely. Glue the feathers or tail onto the dried body with hot glue. Add the head in the same manner. Place on a plastic platter and surround with small plastic pumpkins and gourds.
This unique Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is a little more involved than the previous two. You will be making topiaries. You will need 4 terra cotta flower pots, floral foam, 6 floral foam balls, floral picks, floral wire, low temp hot glue (safe for foam), tiny pumpkins, pine cones, dried roses, fall colored potpourri, and 4 dowels or sticks. Start by filling the terra cotta pots with floral foam. Then place a small amount of glue on the dowels and push one dowel into the center of each pot, through the foam as far as it can go. Two of the pots will have 2 foam balls on them; the others will only have one. Slide a foam ball onto the dowel. For two dowels slide the ball halfway down the dowel. On the other two stop before the dowel goes through the top of the foam ball. Secure with hot glue and let dry for several minutes. Add the remaining foam balls to the 2 dowels, secure with hot glue and allow to dry. Next, using hot glue, cover all of the foam balls with potpourri. Do the same with the base of each pot. Allow to dry. Then, using wire, picks or glue, add the pumpkins, pine cones and roses on each of the balls. Fill in bare spots with more potpourri. Arrange in a row on your table with the topiaries with the 2 balls in the center and the single ones on the end.

A unique Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is to have a Pilgrim thanksgiving scene as your centerpiece. To do this is easy. Go to the dollar store and purchase several Pilgrim figurines. Salt and pepper shakers are a good choice as well. Use a large placemat or piece of paper for your centerpiece bottom. Cover this with hay, straw or you can use sandpaper to represent earth. Place the figurines on this and then surround it with small fencing purchased at a craft store. Add mini pumpkins and dried corn to the outside for a festive look. This idea is something thank can be put together quickly if you find yourself in a pinch for time.

My final unique Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is quick and easy. Purchase several pots of fall colored mums. Slide them into decorative baskets. Add mini pumpkins, gourds, and dried corn around them and you are done. Decorative Thanksgiving ribbon can be added to the baskets if you desire.

Using any one of these unique Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas will enhance your holiday table.

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