Fall Landscaping Ideas: Pumpkin DecorUsing Pumpkins to Turn Your Yard into a Fall Paradise

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Its when the air gets cooler, Saturdays are filled with football and bring out the sweatshirts and comfy clothes. Oh the season is just so perfect as well to work in the yard with the different colors in the leaves and fall flowers in bloom. Everyone’s yard is starting to take on that great feel of something you want to create as well, but you just don’t know which direction to go it. Read on and maybe you will gather some great ideas to place in your yard this fall as well, and make those neighbors say “I want that too!”

When you say fall what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yea, me too, Pumpkins! There are so many things you can do to spruce up your yard with a pumpkin decor, and it’s pretty simple too! At our local farmers market, and really any store throughout my town, during fall they will sell rectangle barrels of hay. I usually will buy three of them and Place in a corner area of my yard two of the barrels right beside on another and the third one on top. I pick out at least four pumpkins ranging in sizes and color and place them on top at various points of the pine straw. I can’t tell you exactly where to place them only because each person has a different eye for things. Next I will buy a couple scarecrows on sticks. Usually our dollar store carries these for a pretty cheap price. I place the scarecrows behind the barrels of straw. Then I will buy at least three to four bunches of fake corn. Walmart has these for sale, or even the place where you pick up your pine straw at. I usually prop them up against the pumpkins. Finish off with some gourds of all different sizes and colors.

Now another idea with pumpkins can be used as a sidewalk or walkway border. Pick out pumpkins that are about the same size, maybe different shades of orange and and place them along your walkway. If you want a little more color to the pumpkin border then every other pumpkin leave it the original color but spray paint the other ones a deep maroon, or a deep green.

Pumpkins are great for lighting outside. You don’t just have to have them carved with silly faces to light them up, but take a pumpkin, clean it out (gut it) and in the front cut out patterns of leaves, circles, or even another pumpkin, and then place a cheap citronella candle inside. Take your carved lighted pumpkins and put them on your outdoor tables for and evening glow.

Try a pumpkin bird feeder! This is great….I have done this one or two times before. Cut the top off a pumpkin. Gut it out completely. Line the inside with plastic, a Wal-Mart bag will do great. With the access bag that sticks out, you can super glue it to the sides of the pumpkin. Then take some fake fall leaves, or real ones if you wish, and super glue them around the plastic so it doesn’t show. This adds a little more decoration to the pumpkin. Then fill the pumpkin either with birdseed or water. Place it somewhere in your yard that is inviting to bird, on an old tree stump works great!

Now if you don’t like pumpkins but are more of a flower type person then plant some Chrysanthemums throughout your yard. These flowers come in a wide variety of colors such as white, yellow, gold, red burgundy and the list goes on. These flowers are alot of work during the harsh winters, so you will need to care for them extremely during this time, but the fall colors these petals give off is well worth the time you put into them. These flowers are also better for Northern Gardner’s, however, I myself live in the south and have a few around my yard that are beautiful!

The fall landscaping ideas are endless, and if I didn’t give you something to work with then ask your local garden shop. They have some really great fall trees that work well when it comes to landscaping. Just make sure what ever project you decide to do that you have the time for the upkeep! Enjoy the Fall! I know I surely will!


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